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The Pursuit of Happiness & Goals

Austin Life Coach - RPM Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever been told that you should enjoy the process of pursuing your goal, but for you, the process is rarely ever fun? I will share a simple way on how to maintain happiness while you are pursuing your goals.

How Do You Experience Happiness While Pursuing Your Goal?

I want you to think about the RPM on a motorcycle. The RPMS are used as a measure of how fast the bike is going. Some of the numbers are in red. The red numbers are the engine’s maximum speed. Can you ride in the red? Of course you can, but it’s not advisable to ride in the red for long periods of time. (more…)

Emotional Needs of a Teenager

The emotional needs of a teenager include support from parents, teachers, and friends. These needs are crucial since teens are exposed to a ton of life stressors, such as 

  • Exams 
  • Relationships 
  • Career choices
  • Peer pressure
  • Fitting in at school
  • Preparing for College or University
  • Part-Time jobs
  • Getting a driver’s license

Here’s what you can do as a parent to ensure your teens’ emotional needs are met.  (more…)

How To Deal With Emotional Teens

Parenting is rewarding, but children can be frustrating whatever age they are. However, dealing with a toddler in full temper-tantrum mode is not the same as facing off against a moody teenager about to go full rage on you. Still, there are ways to navigate the chaos of living with an emotional teen. (more…)

How to Deal with A Teenager’s Attitude: 5 Tips

Frustrated parents often find themselves at their wit’s end dealing with a teenager’s attitude that seems to defy all logic. 

The most critical thing to keep in mind is that a teenager’s attitude rarely has anything to do with their parents. They are experiencing massive changes which can make them feel confined and powerless.  (more…)

5 Reasons a Teen Life Coach is Worth the Investment

Teenagers face a lot of challenges in their lives, but most will get through adolescence without requiring any type of serious therapy. However, transitioning to the world of adulthood can be daunting. Teenagers today face many challenges that weren’t around when their parents were pimply-faced youths.

It’s enough to make the average parent feel ill-equipped to deal with whatever is troubling their emerging adult. If you are wondering whether a teen life coach is worth the investment, this article should help clear things up.  (more…)

My Teen’s Addicted to Social Media, What Do I Do?

Teenagers can quickly become addicted to social media when they are first exposed to it and left to their own devices. It starts off innocent enough, as they use the platforms to keep up with friends and family and watch the occasional funny video. However, If you see signs that your teen may be obsessed with social media, here’s how to steer them towards healthier pursuits. (more…)

Mental Health: 3 Ways to Support Your Teen

Teens sometimes find it difficult to express their feelings and their mental health, making it challenging for parents to provide an appropriate level of support.

It’s not easy being a teenager, and it’s not easy being a parent to them. There are strategies that will help you all make it through these often emotionally turbulent years. Use the three tips below to help support your teen’s mental health. (more…)

7 Phrases Every Teenager Needs to Hear

Every parent has concerns that their child may not be motivated to do their best and reach their full potential.

All parents want their children to succeed and working on the parent-child relationship is the best way to ensure children develop well-adjusted adults both emotionally and mentally.

How you communicate plays a huge role, so here are seven phrases your teenage children should regularly hear. (more…)

How To Deal With A Negative Teenager

Negative attitudes and behaviors are often difficult to deal with, especially when they come from a teenager. However, there are ways to approach the situation that can be effective. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to handle a negative teenager. Keep in mind that what works for one child might not work for another, so be prepared to adjust your methods as needed. Thanks for reading! (more…)