Get Your Teen Reading, Dreaming,
And Goal-Setting This Summer

Does your teen love reading? Or maybe they are the opposite. They hate reading. Do they want to network with likeminded peers and nurture their personal development journey? Dr. RJ’s virtual book club for teens is for EVERYONE!

Help Your Teen Discover The Joy of Reading!

Reading was once a top pastime for teens of generations past. But in today’s digital world where social media reigns and attention spans are dwindling, reading has taken the backseat.

My name is Dr. RJ, and I’m on a mission to help teenagers maximize their full potential. With this virtual book club, teens will develop a love for reading, which will help them grow in knowledge and comprehension.

Reading the right books helps teenagers:
Improve their reading comprehension.
Explore the concept of speed-reading.
Become better, more inspired students overall.
Build ambition for the future.
Improve their focus and attention span.
Gain crucial financial education.
Discover more about their identity, personality, and passions.
Explore potential career options.
Learn how to build generational wealth.
Hear real-life success stories and get motivated to achieve the same.
Replace unhealthy habits with positive lifestyle patterns.
And so much more!

Let’s Explore The World’s Best-Selling Non-Fiction Books, Together

Reading was once a top pastime for teens of generations past. But in today’s digital world where social media reigns and attention spans are dwindling, reading has taken the backseat.

As an experienced life coach focused on personal development in teens, my goal is to help young people set, pursue, and accomplish actionable goals for the future.

As a member of my private book club for teenagers, your child will soon discover just how fun and empowering reading is, and that everyone can make time for it, even teens with the busiest of schedules.

Together, we’ll be reading some of the world’s most popular non-fiction books, all of which have incredible takeaways to offer. And while the principles in these books are life-changing, they can be challenging to understand alone. That’s why my book club exists – to put these bestsellers into perspective for your teen, get them asking the right questions, and help them implement the insights learned into the own life immediately.

I’ve also summarized each chapter for teens who have less free time and need detailed yet simple nonfiction book summaries. Reading doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore when they’re part of our private book club for teenagers!

What We’ll Be Reading…

And much more!!!

Got Suggestions for What You Want Your Teen to Read?

I’m taking suggestions, and I welcome your feedback! My year-round virtual book club for teens was built for YOUR child, and no one knows them better than you do. As part of our growing community, you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas for what nonfiction book summaries you would like your child to explore.

If you are interested in joining a private community of parents of teenagers, visit here to learn more.

An Investment in Your Child’s Future

Meet the Founder, Dr. RJ

With features on the likes of Fox, NBC, and CBS News for his methods, Dr. RJ is a wildly successful Teen Life Coach committed to motivating young people for the future. He’s helped over 10,000 teens maximize their full potential – some are now in the NBA, and others have launched successful businesses earning $5K+ a month in revenue (while still in high school). Dr. RJ is the coach of choice for numerous iconic influencers with over 60 MILLION combined followers.

This private book club for teenagers is about so much more than reading. $49 a month is a small price to pay to give your teen a safe space to network, foster forever-friendships, and ignite insatiable passion for the future.

Join the Book Club Waitlist Here!

With his brand-new virtual book club for teens, Dr. RJ is helping the next generation discover the joy of reading while learning invaluable lessons for their future. Who better to help your teen thrive than a revered public figure with experience and knowledge of this magnitude? Join the waitlist now before all slots are gone!

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