Can a Life Coach Help My Teen Get Better Grades?

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On top of all the other life changes a teen faces, like societal pressures, acne, extra responsibilities, and a growing interest in dating, we expect them to get good grades.

Parents are busy people, especially if both are working, and a little bit of support from a teen life coach can go a long way in teaching teenagers how to improve their grades. If you want to ensure your child has the brightest future, here’s how a teen life coach can help.

1. Teach Teens to Be Self-Starters

Parents can find it difficult to teach their children the importance of self-motivation. It’s harrowing for parents who feel like they need to stand over their teenagers to ensure they do everything they are supposed to. Teens find parents who are constantly hovering nearby at a stage of their life where they crave more independence equally as irritating

Life coaches can help teens become more aware of the consequences of their actions (or inactions), which leads to improved self-starting skills that will give them the independence they need, and parents more peace of mind that their child is doing what needs to be done.

2. Goal Setting

Teenagers can hold themselves back when the focus is on getting As, and nothing else is good enough. If they believe they will only disappoint you, it can totally destroy their motivation to keep working hard.

A life coach can help teens and their parents focus on achieving goals rather than the sometimes unattainable holy grail of straight As.

For example, if the child struggles with science, their goal could be to ask for more help. Or if they have trouble with mathematics, a sensible plan could be to add 2 more hours of practice every week or get outside tutoring.

Getting As is always great, but they are not always the crystal ball predicting a bright future that people make them out to be. Learning to set goals and working hard to achieve them will provide more guarantees in life, and good study habits will always result in better grades.

3. Teach Organizational Skills

For some people, staying organized doesn’t come naturally. Teens trying to manage a full life often find themselves pulling all-nighters to cram for an important exam.

Learning organizational skills can help teens map out their days to ensure they get plenty of rest and exercise, adequate study, and enough free time to hang out with friends. An organized life is a lot less stressful, which can help when trying to retain information.


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