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The secret to my success coaching teenagers?

“Dr. RJ, how are you able to have such a high success rate with coaching teenagers?”

My response,” It’s simple. The one-to-one model doesn’t work for teenagers.”

It’s true. Therapy and counseling has proven that for many years (unfortunately, they continue to use that model to this day).

The reason the one to one model doesn’t work is threefold:


Teenagers are generally not overly excited about talking to adults about their life.  Therefore, when meeting a teen in session for the first time, they are usually guarded and skeptical. Therefore, the therapist or counselor has to spend several sessions trying to connect with them, hoping to earn their trust. No matter how amazing the therapist or

counselor is, if the teenager doesn’t like them, there is no chance for success. My success formula works because it doesn’t depend on us being your child’s friend.  My program is a true training. And do people love their trainers?

Of course, not!

But deep down they know their trainer will help them reach their goals.


The one on one model requires that a child actively participates by answering questions. Therapists can focus their questions too much on the past. Counselors can focus their questions too much on the problems. Both methods rely on honest responses from teenagers. Again, this model does not work. Teenagers are great at telling you what you want to hear. Some will only respond with a one word answer. And many, will use the infamous phrase, “I don’t know.”

My success formula doesn’t require a child to tell me their deepest darkest secrets of their past. Nor does it require them to share an elaborate future career plan. My formula works because it’s a training and not an interview.


I want to pose a question. Who do you think will have a greater influence over your child? One single adult or thousands of their peers.

Obviously, teenagers are influenced by their peers. The one on one model can’t offer this positive peer influence. Instead, it can have the opposite effect. The one on one model can often have a child believing that they are “broken” or “weird.” To make matters worse, they are forced to talk to a stranger about their “problems.” Of course, that doesn’t make them feel good about themselves. In fact, the majority of teenagers in therapy do not even tell their closest friends about it. My formula works because it maximizes the positive peer influence. And guess what. Many of the teenagers in my program invite their friends to join in.

As you can see the one on one model doesn’t work. So let’s discuss what does work.


Introducing my success formula:

Video Training Modules

My programs consist of a core set of 65 video trainings – that focuses 100% on their mindset.  I do not need to know their deepest darkest secrets. I do not need to know their plans for college. A change in their mindset will change their confidence and motivation to accomplish their goals.

Each week for eight weeks, your child will watch between 7-12 videos… including homework to solidify the training.

And each week slowly builds up on the next as the information is reinforced on a subconscious level.

Virtual Mindset Coaching

Every week, your child will join hundreds of students in a mastermind style coaching session.

This style of coaching with the other students in the program  will maximize the positive peer influence.

Coaching will consist of new topics each week, such as:

  • How to become a leader that others follow
  • Why goal setting is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing for achieving success – and how to set irresistible goals for yourself.
  • How to STOP procrastination dead in its tracks – and develop the monk-like discipline to always complete homework and school projects
  • The secrets of time management: how to work smarter than everybody else
  • How to make friends and grow relationships (Plus: deal with friend drama)
  • What you must do IMMEDIATELY when you face set-backs and disappointments… to keep you “grounded” and ready to get back up again.
  • How to transform the relationship with your parents without demanding them to change first.
  • And much, MUCH more!

This success formula is the reason thousands teenagers with different issues were able to experience a transformation in their confidence.


Investing in life coaching

Life coaching is similar to the average cost of therapy for a year.

Therapy (with health insurance coverage) costs between $2193- $2938.

Unfortunately, even after investing this amount, therapy does not guarantee any results. In fact, most teenagers quit after three years of therapy, and they continue to struggle with the same problems.

Life coaching is results based which means you invest once in a result.

With my program, your child will see results.

To specifically see how much life coaching will cost for your child and to discover if your child qualifies, schedule consultation by clicking “Book Call.”


But do not take my word for it. ….
Hear what are parents saying about my program!

I am writing this review because Dr. RJ’s program was life changing for my daughter. Before Dr. RJ’s program, she struggled with anxiety. We have seen three different therapists over the past two years. With the first therapist, we noticed a small improvement at the beginning, but after a month or so there was none. Our insurance changed so we had to switch therapists. She was with the second one for about six months. There was zero progress. After the third failure, I gave up. I stopped forcing her to go. It caused a lot of arguments and I was exhausted. A friend of mine told me about Dr. RJ, and after listening to his podcast, I felt hopeful. I signed up for his program after only ten minutes of meeting with his life coach coordinator.  Dr. RJ graciously extended our time in the program because it took me two weeks to get my daughter to start watching the video modules. Dr. RJ’s parent classes were very helpful. They helped me communicate with my daughter in a way that allowed her to feel heard.

After four weeks in the program, we noticed that her anxiety drastically decreased. The strategies that Dr. RJ taught in his class made a big difference with her social anxiety. She also felt more confident with volleyball.

By the end of the program, my daughter was confident and she experienced less anxiety. To this day, I am happy to report that she hasn’t experienced a panic attack since before starting the program.

Do not waste your time with therapy. If you are not seeing any changes within the first few weeks, then try Dr. RJ’s program.

Krystal S.

I enrolled my daughter, Sydney, in Dr. RJ’s confidence program. It was such an amazing experience! I understand why Dr. RJ’s program has a high success rate.

At the beginning, we filled out an application that allowed us to share with Dr. RJ exactly what changes we want to see.

My desire was for Sydney to be self-motivated about school. It was very frustrating to have to micro manage her life. I had to wake her up. I had to tell her which assignments to turn in. I had to remind her one hundred times a day to do her homework. When she forgot her cheerleading bag, I had to bring it to her. This was my life before Dr. RJ’s program.

I expected their to be improvements but what occurred over six weeks was astonishing. Not only did she become extremely motivated she also became more confident.  She started to take pride in her grades. She got out of bed on time and completed all of her assignments without me having to remind her. Sydney even emailed her teachers about her past poor performance and asked if there was anything she can do to improve her grades. Can you believe that some of her teachers allowed her to make up assignments and retake tests? I am so happy to share this transformation with anyone because Dr. RJ’s program changed Sydney’s life.

If your child has lost motivation due to social distancing and online learning then definitely enroll them in Dr. RJ’s program. I wholeheartedly recommend this program.

Abigail W.

I highly recommend Dr. RJ’s coaching program. I was new to the concept of life coaching. My wife was a subscriber of Dr. RJ’s podcast and after two episodes, she told me that we really needed this for Naveen. My initial response was, “Why?” I figured Naveen was a typical teenager, not motivated about anything other than friends and video games. I just accepted this to be the normal teenage behavior.

Today, I am a believer in life coaching because the changes in Naveen are astonishing! During the program, I noticed Naveen doing homework and submitting his assignments in a timely manner. He maintained his chores without us having to remind him. The most impressive change was hearing Naveen talk about his future. Before this program, my wife and I did not have any idea what career Naveen wanted to pursue.

Dr. RJ’s format (video modules, and classroom style coaching) is what I believed transformed my son. Naveen learned techniques from the videos. Those techniques were reinforced in the accountability sessions. I wish schools used this same format. Naveen also really enjoyed Dr. RJ’s classes. He did not miss one class because none of the information was redundant. Dr. RJ taught on new subjects every week.

I am very impressed with this program. We will be signing up my daughter when she turns 10. Thank you Dr. RJ!

Stan L

All I can say is “Wow!” I did not expect to see such a massive transformation in my son. As a mother, I always saw Brice’s potential but he never could see it. He always spoke negatively about himself. Brice is a straight A student but in the past when he did not score an A on a test, he would walk around and repeat “I am stupid.”

Before Dr. RJ’s program, he did not believe in himself. I always encouraged him to try new things but he was too afraid to try. He used to say, “Why try. I’m not going to be good at it.”

After four weeks in Dr. RJ’s program, I noticed my son was starting to become more confident. I suggested that he try out for the freshman basketball team. He said “yes” right away. Since, he has agreed to almost all of my suggestions. We completed Dr. RJ’s program months ago and one of the biggest lasting changes I notice in Brice is his self talk. We no longer hear him speak negatively about himself. It is apparent that he believes he is good enough.

I have referred several of my friends because this program is amazing!!!

Justine M

My son is in week 6 of the program. Dr. RJ is amazing!!! The day my son attended his first class with Dr. RJ , I knew it was the right decision for our family. Dr. RJ has a special way of connecting with the teenagers.

I have not completed the program, but I felt compelled to share my experience.

My experience thus far:

Week 1: Max did not watch the video trainings, and I forgot to remind him about Dr. RJ’s class.

No progress.

Week 2: Max refused to participate. I emailed Dr. RJ’s support team and they encouraged me to follow their script.  It worked! Max mentioned that he would try to be open-minded about the program.

Week 3: Max watched week 1’s video trainings, but again he did not want to participate in the program. Max did not believe he needed it. I convinced him to watch Week 2 trainings. Later that week, he attended Dr. RJ’s class for the first time. He was instantly hooked.

Week 4: Max attends the first day of high school tennis practice.  I visibly noticed a change in his posture. His chin was held high. This is the same kid who use to fake being sick   so that he didn’t have to go to school.

I shared my progress report with the Dr. RJ’s team, and we celebrated.

Week 5: Max wakes up every morning happy and excited about the day. He mentioned that he no longer feels like people are constantly judging him at school. He also made a new friend.

Current week: Max has starting doing chores and getting ahead of his assignments. He is not waiting to the last minute. He still wakes up excited and his confidence continues to grow.

I am excited about what’s to come over the next month. After speaking with Dr. RJ’s support team they have graciously extended Max’s time in the program since he did not really participate the first two weeks.

If you are in a position financially to enroll your child in this program, do not hesitate. You are guaranteed to see a transformation.

Kim W.

Dr. RJ’s coaching program is simply amazing! Bailey made huge strides in her confidence and her ability to take life by the horns!  I loved every part of the program. At first, I hesitated enrolling when I discovered that it was not 1:1 coaching with Dr. RJ. His team explained that life coaching is different than therapy. The 1:1 aspect limits the overall transformation since teens do not always feel comfortable sharing things about their life with a stranger. The main component of Dr. RJ’s program is actually several videos. There were about 10-12 videos a week, each lasting about 3-5 minutes.  I didn’t understand at first, but it makes sense why Dr. RJ chooses that format. The videos were perfect for a teen’s attention span. Whenever teenagers want to learn something, they go on YouTube. My husband was surprised to see Bailey enjoying Dr. RJ’s trainings. He noticed her pausing the videos to take notes. Bailey tells us that her favorite training was week 5 videos. I believe it was about happiness. Before this program, my daughter did not have many friends and she rarely smiled. Now, she six friends and she can’t stop smiling.  When she finished the program, Bailey told us the best part of the program was Dr. RJ’s live classes. We initially thought Dr. RJ’s classes were going to be summaries of the video trainings. They were completely different. Dr. RJ taught on a new topic each week. To be honest, my husband and I would watch the replays.  They were so impactful even at our age. The class that we felt changed our lives the most was the one about focus. He taught how we could shift our focus on the past, present, or future based on the emotions we wanted to experience at any given moment. Both of us practice this technique even to this day.

I can’t brag enough about Dr. RJ. His program changed Bailey’s life and impacted ours.

We are forever grateful for Dr. RJ.

Barbara A.

I chose to enroll in Dr. RJ’s program because we loved his podcast where he shares his live seminars with teens. My husband and I actually use the techniques that Dr. RJ teaches to the teenagers.

My daughter tired therapy years ago but she hated it. So it was a bit of a struggle to get her to agree to his program.

We took the advice of Dr. RJ’s life coach coordinator and enrolled our daughter before discussing it with her.

When we finally disclosed that she was enrolled in a program. She was livid!

We followed Dr. RJ’s script. We calmly listened to her concerns. We did not interrupt. We told her we understood why she felt the way she felt. We waited until the next day when she was in a better mood to discuss it again. We asked her to keep an open mind.

We had a great conversation. She agreed and we watched the orientation video together. After the video, Jess expressed that she didn’t need the program. Again, we followed Dr. RJ’s script and remained clam, yet firm.


Over the next week, Jess watched the video trainings. I peeked in her room a few times to make sure she was paying attention and shockingly, she was.

The day I noticed a breakthrough was when I saw Jess leading a conversation with her teammates.

Jess was always shy. She would barely respond to her peers when asked a question, so to see her making eye contact, and talking and laughing with her teammates was a happy sight.

I am honestly blown away how this transformation happened in just ten weeks. Dr. RJ is amazing!

Jess told me that what helped her the most was Dr. RJ’s video trainings. She felt more comfortable learning the information without feeling like someone was staring at her and judging her.  When we tried therapy, Jess hated the idea that she needed to open up to a complete stranger. Dr. RJ’s format of the video trainings, and classroom style coaching is exactly what teenagers need.

If your child is shy then definitely enroll her in Dr. RJ’s program. It works!!!

Amelia R.

“I am so happy to write this review for Dr. RJ’s program. Let me tell you, Dr. RJ is extremely committed to these teens. My son was so resistant at the beginning. He resisted because he thought Dr. RJ’s program was similar to therapy.

After he attended just one of Dr. RJ’s live classes on Sundays, he was hooked. He walked out of his room with a huge smile on his face. I asked him about the class and he said, “I liked it. Dr. RJ is cool.”

I tried so hard to keep my composure. I was overly ecstatic.

Over the next eight weeks, I watched my child go from an B/C student to a straight A student. I never once had to remind him to watch Dr. RJ’s video trainings. He watched all of them and completed all of the homework. I believe one of the trainings was about how to get motivated to do chores. To this day, Jeff makes his bed, washes the dishes, and takes out the trash without me having to beg him like I had to do prior to Dr. RJ’s program.

I highly recommend any of Dr. RJ’s programs. They are life changing!

Shannon S.

“I am so glad I enrolled in Dr. RJ’s life coaching program. My son, Cedrick, has always had a non-chalant attitude about everything. In some ways it is fine but when it comes to school, it was the most stressful part of my life. I tried to take away his phone. I tried offering him money. I hired tutors. I met with his teachers and the school counselor. Nothing worked until, one night when I was stressed, I saw Dr. RJ’s ad on Facebook. I immediately read about how he can transform confidence and motivation in teenagers. At first, I was a bit skeptical until I read his reviews. My husband insisted that I listen to his podcast first before scheduling a consultation (My husband did not want to pay $39 for a consultation).

After we listened to Dr. RJ’s podcast, we both agreed that we would give it a try.

And we are glad we did.

Here is my progress report that I emailed Dr. RJ’s team after just two weeks in the program:

“This program is actually working. Cedrick is starting to do his homework without me reminding him. The other day, he told his friends that he couldn’t play video games because he wanted to get ahead on his homework. What?! My son not wanting to wait until the last second to do his homework. Please tell me that these results will last forever.”

That was just two weeks in the program. Cedrick’s progress continued each week. He faithfully watched the video trainings and completed all of the homework. I believe the video trainings are the key. Cedrick watched several of the trainings multiple times. This program is designed specifically to develop confidence and motivation in teenagers.

I am very grateful for Dr. RJ and his team.

Elisha W.

Dr. RJ is the “teenage whisperer.” The beginning of the pandemic was tough for our family, especially for Simone. When her friend joined a new friend group, we saw Simone lose her best friend. We tried to encourage her Simone to make new friends. We didn’t know what to do. One night , I googled “therapy near me” and I saw Dr. RJ’s ad pop up, even though we live in Michigan and he lives in Texas. I almost left the site until I read that Dr. RJ was the number one life coach in the country for teenagers. I am so happy I saw that because we witnessed Simone go from a shy girl with one friend to a confident girl with many friends. She actually made two friends in Dr. RJ’s program. I call Dr. RJ the teenage whisperer because of the way he changes the lives of teenagers. He is able to get through to them in a way that no other adult can. Simone loved seeing other teens from all over the US in Dr. RJ’s classes. It made her feel that she was not weird. Dr. RJ made her day when he did a mini coaching session with her during one of his classes. After that day, I saw her confidence shoot through the roof. She eventually called her old friend and followed what Dr. RJ taught. They are still friends to this day.  Dr. RJ is the real deal! If your child has been negatively impacted by this pandemic then enroll them in this program.

Christy L.


Take action!

You now know why I have so much success with teenagers.

You also know that if over 5,000 teenagers can experience a transformation then surely your child can too.

You know my formula, and you know how much parents have invested in their child.

Therefore, there is no excuse!

Take Action NOW. Do not hesitate!

Stop believing that one day your child will magically change with maturity. Just look at how many adults still struggle with the same issues from the teenage years. Maturity doesn’t change you.

Also, stop trying the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. That is the definition of insanity. If your child has been in therapy for years and they still struggle with the same issue— that’s insanity.

If you are taking away your child’s phone over and over because they won’t turn in their homework assignments—that’s insanity.

If you find yourself yelling at your child multiple times a week because they forget to do their chores — that’s insanity.

It is time to do something different. It is time to commit to a success formula that works.

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