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Leadership Conference For High Schoolers

February 25th, 2024 – Austin, TX

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Unleash your Teen’s True Potential at F.E.W.!

What: A Live In-Person Event
For: High School Students
When: February 25th, 2024
Time: 12:30pm-6:00pm
Where: St. Edward’s University
3001 S. Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704

F.E.W. – Leadership Conference For High Schoolers

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Focus. Energize. Win.

Unleash Your Teen’s True Potential at F.E.W.!

A leadership event for high school students looking to unlock a world of confidence, motivation, happiness, and meaningful friendships. F.E.W. is more than a conference – it’s a transformative journey that equips your teen to lead their life with purpose and influence.

Why F.E.W.?

F.E.W. isn’t just a conference; it’s a transformative experience that will equip high schoolers with a roadmap to success, so they can push the boundaries of their goals, break through personal barriers, and become a leader in life.

Only 30 Spots Left!

What’s In It For Attendees?

  • Broaden Horizons: Teens will gain the skills they need to achieve any goal they set their mind to.
  • Overcome Fear and Doubt: Teens will develop the strength to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Expand Dreams: Teens will learn how to dream big and make those dreams a reality.
  • Influential Leadership: Teens will master the art of influencing their own life, relationships, and success positively.
  • Authentic Connections: Teens will build lasting friendships and learn to lead by example.
Only 30 Spots Left!

Event Takeaways:

  • Leadership Skills: Teens Learn to lead their life effectively and inspire others along their journey.
  • Unbreakable Confidence: Teens will leave F.E.W. with a newfound sense of self-assurance.
  • Relentless Motivation: Teens will discover the drive within to pursue their passions relentlessly.
  • Pathway to Success: Teens learn practical skills and knowledge to fulfill their aspirations.
  • Time Management: Attendees will never feel overwhelmed or struggle with procrastination again.
Only 30 Spots Left!

Exclusive Features of F.E.W.:

  • Limited Spots: Teens will receive personalized attention with only 50 seats.
  • Interactive Workshops: Teens will experience engaging sessions on personal development, leadership, and social skills.
  • Networking and Mentorship: Teens will receive guidance from Dr. RJ and connect with peers who share the same ambition.
Only 30 Spots Left!

Dr. RJ’s Expert Approach:

Dr. RJ is celebrated coach in teen development with over a decade of experience, coaching over 10,000 teens. He uses his signature three-step process to prepare, plan, and pursue personal growth and leadership. Leveraging his vast experience in teen coaching, Dr. RJ guides teens through a journey of self-discovery, goal setting, and personal mastery.

Only 30 Spots Left!
Only 30 Spots Left!

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For: High School Students
When: February 25th, 2024
Time: 12:30pm-6:00pm
Where: St. Edward’s University
3001 S. Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dress Code for the Event?

We recommend comfortable yet presentable attire for the conference. It’s important for students to feel at ease while also maintaining a neat appearance.

 Will Lunch Be Provided at the Event?

As the F.E.W. conference is a five-hour event packed with valuable activities, we encourage students to eat before they come to the event. They are welcome to bring their own lunch or snacks. This approach maximizes the time spent in learning and interacting. Please note there won’t be a designated lunch break, so students are advised to eat at their convenience during the event.

Are Students Permitted to Leave and Re-enter the Event?

For the safety and continuity of the conference experience, students will not be permitted to leave and re-enter the venue once the event has started, unless there is explicit consent from their parents.

What Time Does the Event Start?

The event begins at 12:30 PM. We warmly invite parents to join us from 12:30 to 1:00 PM for an opportunity to meet Dr. RJ and acquaint themselves with the event’s setting.

What Time Should I Pick Up My Child?

The event concludes at 5:30 PM. Following this, we offer a window until 6:00 PM for parents to interact with Dr. RJ and discuss any queries or thoughts about the day’s proceedings.

What is the Refund Policy if My Child Misses the Event?

While we do not offer refunds, if your child is unable to attend the event, their ticket will be valid for a future F.E.W. conference. This ensures that your investment remains valuable and your child doesn’t miss out on this transformative opportunity.

Can I use participation in this event on my child’s college application?

Absolutely. Participating in F.E.W. can be an important addition to your child’s college application. It provides prospective colleges with the proof that your child has taken initiative in goal setting and preparation for their college career.

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