How Do You Discipline a Difficult Teen

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Teenagers can be a difficult breed, often living by their own logic that appears not to be logic at all. They crave acceptance while striving to maintain an air of individualism. They have minimal life experience but act like they know everything.  This blog covers ways to discipline a difficult teen. 

They feel indestructible, but this is often a front to cover up their insecurity. Many teenagers will constantly push the boundaries by challenging authority, and some will even take it as far as participating in self-destructive behavior. 

Dealing with a difficult teenager is never a pleasant task, but there are strategies you can use to discipline a difficult teen while delivering a valuable life lesson. 

Set House Rules

All families should have a set of house rules. Every rule should be linked to consequences that are guaranteed should the rules get broken, such as loss of internet, curfew, or not driving the family car for the week.  

Establish the rules before they get broken, so teenagers know what to expect. Set the rules in place while teenagers are present and let them have a say, so they know what will happen if they step out of line. This way, they won’t be able to use ignorance as an excuse for doing their own thing. Teens are also more likely to follow the household rules if they feel they played a part in their creation. 

Let Them Occasionally Face Their Consequences 

Sometimes, a teen should be allowed to deal with the consequences of their behavior. If they refuse to study, let them fail an exam. If they won’t take their lunch or wear a coat, letting them go hungry or stay cold may cause them to think twice about their actions in the future.

If the teen breaks something deliberately out of anger, take the cost out of their allowance until it’s paid. Parents don’t want to see their children upset, but forcing them to face the consequences of their own making will help them learn to make better choices.

Don’t Give Them Your Power 

Don’t argue when you discipline your teens if they start yelling that punishment isn’t fair. Follow through until its conclusion, and your teenager will no doubt that you are serious about not tolerating any breach of the rules. 

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