How to Deal with Teenage Mood Swings

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A mood swing is when someone experiences a rapid shift from one mood to another, such as being super happy one minute and then going straight into a fit of anger the next while entirely skipping over the in-between emotional stages. There are many reasons for teenage mood swings. Parents like to blame them on puberty and hormones, but they aren’t the only source of random teenage angst. 

Whether it’s hormones or some other trigger, teenagers are notorious for their sudden mood shifts. Undoubtedly, these emotional tirades can be very trying for besieged parents, especially when they happen without warning, as they so often do. Use these three tips to help you find calm in the emotional roller coaster ride that comes from living with a teenager.  

1. Remember What it Was Like

We have all been through the trials of teendom. So, when our beloved teenagers are in full mood swings, we should remind ourselves what it was like to feel awkward, out of place, and unsure about the future. Also, keep in mind that the world is full of new challenges you might not quite understand that wasn’t around during your teen years. 

2. Blame the Hormones

Hormones and changing bodies can unbalance the emotional regulators of the brain. Instead of blaming your teenager for their bad behavior, blame the hormones. Still, you shouldn’t let hormonal cocktails be an excuse for your teenager to run riot and then lay all the blame on their hormone imbalances. They still need to be accountable for their actions. 

3. Don’t Get Into a Yelling Match

Some days, it doesn’t take much to trigger teenage mood swings, but parents on the receiving end can feel just as triggered and tempted to react in kind, but this will only add fuel to the fire. If your teenager is in such a state as to be uncommunicative or can’t see reason, let their raging fires burn down so cooler heads can prevail. 

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