How to Get Parents to Say Yes

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Are you tired of hearing the word ‘no’ from your parents?

Is there a way to hack into their system of no’s and crack the code to all of the yeses?

I can crack the code for you.

Imagine if you could hear the word ‘yes’ when asking for permission to hang out with your friends or yes to more time playing video games or to staying up late.

Tips to Hearing the Word ‘Yes’ from Your Parents


If there is any concern that you could get hurt then rest assured that you will hear the word ‘no’.

Solution: Ask your parents to join you.

If you want to convince your parents to ride your skateboard with your daredevil friends, then you must first prove to them that you will be safe. Invite them to come with you guys. Your parents can ride bikes while you and your friends skate. Don’t worry. Your parents will only want to do this once!

What about if you and your friends want to have a sleep over? Try inviting all of your parents to meet for dinner. The more comfortable they are with the parents hosting the sleepover, the easier it will be for your parents to say yes.

Extra-Curricular Activities

If you’re failing tests or not turning in your homework, then your parents are guaranteed to say no.

Solution: Do well in school!

Your parents don’t want anything or anyone to interfere with you making good grades. Let’s face it; school is the focal point of your life at this moment. If you’re barely passing classes, then your parents are most likely to say no since they want to see your grades improve. The best way to improve your grades is to spend more time studying. So make better grades and yeses will come!


If you have been caught telling a big lie, then expect to hear ‘no’ for a while.

Solution: Be honest. It’s just that simple. If you are honest then your parents will trust you. If they trust you, then they will say yes. If you have been open and honest about your Instagram account (like not having a second account that your parents don’t know about), then it’s easier for them to say yes about joining Snapchat. You should also be honest about your mistakes. If your parents believe you will admit your faults, then they will feel more comfortable saying yes.


If you don’t do what your parents tell you to do, then they will not let you do what you want to do.

Solution: Listen to your parents!

This is the most obvious solution, yet many fail at it. Parents will tell you to clean your room or do the dishes. You don’t do it and then you’re so surprised when you ask for something and they say no. Just do what they ask. It can’t get any easier than that. If you get in the habit of being obedient, then your parents will get in the habit of saying yes.

What are some others ways to get your parents to say yes? Leave your comments below.

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