You have access to free small group sessions as part of the program! 

  • Your tween, teen, and young adult are not required to participate in these sessions, these are 100% optional.
  • The small group sessions are hosted by Dr. RJ’s Life Coaches.
  • These sessions are designed to help your tween, teen, and young adult stay on track with their goals and are offered during the weekdays.

Schedule for your tween/teen: Tween/Teen Group Coaching

Schedule for your young adult: Young-Adult-Group-Coaching

Parenting Strategies: Preventing Rebellion, Addressing Addictions, and Fostering Teen Growth (7/14/2024)

Health Coach Desiree: Q & A (6/30/2024)

Parenting Hacks: Dr. RJ’s Powerful Tips for Raising Happy, Motivated Teens (6/2/2024)

Tactical Parenting: Building Transparent Relationships and Overcoming Challenges (5/19/2024)

Strategies for Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds  (4/28/2024)

Health Coach Desiree Q & A (4/28/2024)

Navigating Adolescence: Insights into Parental Support  (4/21/2024)

Health Coach Desiree: Who is your biggest bully? (4/14/2024)

Q & A with Dr. RJ (4/7/2024)

Health Coach Desiree: Spring Clean Your Mind & Body (3/24/2024)

Strategies for Honesty, Clear Boundaries, Positive Reinforcement, and Emotional Management (3/17/2024)

Health Coach Desiree: What happens in Vagus doesn’t Stay in Vagus (3/10/2024)

Nurturing Potential, Managing Emotions, and Cultivating Positivity (3/3/2024)

Health Coach Desiree: Your body produces gas…not that gas!! (2/25/2024)

Navigating Social Media Challenges and Disciplining Without Anger (2/18/2024)

Empowering Parents: Nurturing Children’s Emotional Development and Behavioral (2/4/2024)

Health Coach Desiree; Traffic Light Eating (1/28/2024)

Effective Co-Parenting: A Guide on Navigating Divorce and Parenting for the Well-being of Your Child (1/21/2024)

Health Coach Desiree; Nutritious Grub: Nutrient Density, Bioavailability, & Non-Essential Nutrients (1/14/2024)

Parent-Teen Relationship Building and Coaching: Addressing Questions on Parenting and Child Behavior  (1/7/2024)

Q & A with Dr. RJ (12/17/2023)

Health Coach Desiree – Eating Habits Around The Holidays (12/10/2023)

Chore Wars: The Relevance and Impact of Adolescent Chores in Family Dynamics (12/3/2023)

Change Yourself First (11/19/2023)

Health Coach Desiree – Brain & Meditation (11/12/2023)

How to Get Your Child To Be Honest (11/5/2023)

Health Coach Desiree – Zinc (10/22/2023)

Why You Should Never Label Your Child (10/15/2023)

Health Coach Desiree-Nutrient Density (10/1/2023)

How to encourage your child to participate in the program (9/24/2023)

Health Coach Desiree-Digestive Wellness parent  (9/17/2023)

Practical tips on managing your child’s anger and encouraging program participation (9/10/2023)

Health Coach Desiree hosting Parent Seminar with a focus on the brain (8/27/2023)

How to Overcome Anxiety (8/20/2023)

Special Health Focused Parent Seminar with Coach Desiree (8/13/2023)

Helping Your Child Become Resourceful (8/6/2023)

How to get your older teen to buy in (7/23/2023)

Failure to Launch (7/9/2023)

Dating and Technology (6/25/2023)

Managing Screen Time (6/11/2023)

How to Grow a Relationship with Your Child  (6/4/2023)

How to Handle a Lying Teenager (5/21/2023)

How to Get Your Child to Stop Lying to You (5/7/2023)

How to Maximize Your Leverage (4/17/2023)

Using Leverage For Teen Participation (4/2/2023)

Teen buy-in to the program (3/27/2023)

Addiction to Technology (3/12/2023)

Suffer with your child (3/5/2023)

Special Health Parent Seminar with Coach Desiree (2/26/2023)

How to get your child to like you (2/19/2023)

Sex and Pornography (2/5/2023)

How to get your teen to listen to you? (1/29/2023)

My teen hates me (1/8/2023)

Special Health Parent Seminar with Coach Desiree (12/18/2022)

The secrets of life coaching (12/4/2022)

THC and Teenagers (11/6/2022)

Q & A with Dr. RJ: How to address a child’s lying, depression, and motivation.  (10/23/2022)

How to handle teen drama (10/9/2022)

Teens with anger issues (9/25/2022)

Having trouble getting your child to do life coaching? (9/11/2022)

Back-to-school blues (8/28/2022)

Bedtime for teenagers (8/7/2022)

How to get teens out of their rooms (7/24/2022)

How to get your teen to open up (6/12/2022)

How to handle bad parenting from ex-husband (5/22/2022)

Teens & THC (4/24/2022)

Sibling rivalry (4/3/2022)

How to handle disrespectful teens (3/20/2022)

Your child’s counsel (2/27/2022)

Understanding boundaries and consequences (2/6/2022)

How to handle cutting (1/23/2022)

Teens & technology (1/9/2022)

How to overcome a victim mindset (12/12/2021)

Pressure for parents (11/21/2021)

Teens and THC

How to handle excessive gaming

Better communication

Stop pushing your teen

Teen dating and more

How to handle a defiant teenager

How to stop “The Hunt”

Lazy teens

Teens and their responsibilities

Overcome frustrations with teenagers

How to Get My Teen to Open Up (1/22/2023)

LGBTQ Teenagers (12/11/2022)

Defiant Teen Help (11/20/2022)

Dealing with Death (11/13/2022)

Creating Boundaries Instead of Rules (10/30/2022)

Teens with Anger Issues (9/18/2022)

How to punish correctly (8/14/2022)

Phone addiction with teenagers (7/31/2022)

My Child Vapes (7/10/2022)

How to motivate teens to play sports (6/26/2022)

How to handle rule-breakers (6/5/2022)

Hot to connect with your teen when they’re pulling away (5/15/2022)

Academic Success (4/10/2022)

Appeal Process for Parents (3/27/2022)

Communication Approach (3/6/2022)

How to Motivate Your Child (2/20/2022)

Transgender Teenager (1/31/2022)

Parents at their wit’s end (1/16/2022)

Communicating with a Teen (12/19/2021)

Academic Motivation (12/5/2021)

Grades (11/14/2021)

Dirty Bedrooms

How to handle a teen who is stealing

Positive Parenting

Back to School Parenting

Should your teen be allowed to Date?

How to Handle Stubborn Teenagers

How to Properly Reprimand Your Teen

How to Motivate Your Teenager

Relationship Focused Parenting