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Does your tween or teen struggle with…

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…If so, you’ve probably joined more Facebook groups than you can count, which provide more confusion than support. Parents of teens need more than messy Facebook groups. You need access to a genuinely supportive community. Together, we can build just that.

Welcome to Dr. RJ’s

Private Community for Parents of Teens

“Raising a teenager is hard,” they say. “There’s no easy way to be a parent to a hormonal teen,” they’ll tell you. But here’s the truth: Parenting teens doesn’t have to feel like WW3. Disobedience and rebellion are not “just part” of teen-hood. If you’re open-minded and willing to learn new skills, then this is the place to be – an all-new community of parents just like you. This is your chance to be a part of something truly special: a Founding Member of a community and family with the knowledge needed to make a real difference for countless families nationwide.

Not Just Another “Free” Facebook Group

I am thrilled to be building something parents have never seen before, giving you more than a convoluted mess of unsolicited advice. I want to build a family of empowered parents and train them on my proven strategies, which I have already used to coach more than 10,000 teens. With enough parents mastering these simple yet powerful tactics, we can effect real change in the lives of parents nationwide.

  • Get to know fellow parents who understand your struggle
  • Build lasting bonds with like-minded moms and dads
  • Personal guidance and support from Dr. RJ
  • Discover wildly successful strategies to implement in your household
  • Conquer challenges and celebrate wins as a community

What’s The Secret?

I’m Dr. RJ, and I’ve dedicated my career to helping parents run happy households rooted in strong bonds with their tweens and teens. My simple yet powerful strategies and original tactics have already repaired 6,000+ parent-teen relationships nationwide, while helping over 3,500 teenagers find hope and joy on the other side of depression and anxiety.

And now, I’m revealing these strategies to an exclusive group of parents who become members of this community.

It’s easy to believe your child is simply a lost cause, especially if nothing else has worked. But the first step to healing is to slip into their shoes. Teens today are under more pressure than any generation that came before them. In an overwhelming age of choice and instant gratification, teens are experiencing immense stress. The social benchmark is impossibly high, creating an unreasonable standard of perfection. Let’s come to understand exactly what your teen is going through and how you can support them. From there, everything will change.

Why Join the Community?

🏆 Proven Strategies

Parents and their teens nationwide hail my strategies for nurturing a sense of responsibility, accountability, and pride in teens. Parenting play a pivotal role in helping their teens’ maximize their full potential. Unfortunately, adolescents rarely allows the parents to help. That is why Dr. RJ’s strategies for parents are so important. Being a part of this community will unlock a new mindset that will help teenagers view you as their wise counsel.

🏆 Likeminded Parents

Our online parent to parent support community offers a safe space that gives you the guidance you need to navigate the mental health minefield during these tumultuous teen years. I’ve spent years listening to parents like you and engaging with teens like yours to shape tangible solutions. And now, I’m ready to share them with you.

🏆 Return on Investment

Every parent wants the same thing: For their teen to be the happiest child in the world. Investing in your relationship with your teenager is not an expense. It’s a lifelong investment into a happier household and healthier family dynamics, forever.

Meet the Founder

Dr. RJ

With features on the likes of Fox, NBC, and CBS News for his methods, renowned teen life coach, Dr. RJ is committed to motivating teenagers and repairing their bonds with their parents. His goal is to help teenagers maximize their full potential. This is possible as long as teenagers have two main ingredients, a Teen Life Coach and a great relationship with their parents.

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