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Problem: Relationships with your parents, your teachers, or even your friends can be very difficult. Poor communication is the main cause of arguments and fights in your relationships.
Solution: Change how you are interpreting their words and actions.

The Price Is Right, Jeopardy, and Family Feud are among the most popular T.V. game shows of all time.

Game shows are fun and exciting ways to win prizes.

Today, I will teach you how to play my own personal game, What’s That Interpretation?

Although this game does not offer prizes, such as a new car or a free trip, you will win something better than a car and that’s, better relationships.

Relationships with your friends, parents, siblings, classmates, teachers, coaches and others that significantly impacts your life, will determine your overall level of happiness each day.

How you would rate these relationships today?

Amazing           Good           Okay Sometimes           Poor           Terrible

If your answer is not Amazing for all of your relationships, then this game is for you.

What’s That Interpretation?

Are You Ready to Learn How to Play What’s That Interpretation?

Here’s how to play:

The next time you are upset, annoyed, mad, offended, or uneasy, create a mental list of all the possible interpretations.

Types of Interpretations

In order to be offended by someone, you have to interpret their words and actions (or inactions) to mean something offensive.

Since you can’t read their mind, your interpretation of what they said or did (or didn’t do) is only a guess, an assumption.

What’s That Interpretation allows you to think of other possible reasons for their behavior.

Let’s look at an example:

Your parents will not allow you to join Snapchat.

  • You are upset with them because your initial interpretation might be to assume that your parents are trying to ruin your fun .
  • What are other possible interpretations?
  1. Maybe your parents want to protect you from cyber bullying and online predators.
  2. Maybe your parents don’t understand Snapchat today but possibly will understand it more in the future.
  3. Maybe your parents are afraid that adding another social media account will take time away from your homework.

Ready, Set, GO!

If you choose to believe any of the three possible interpretations above, then you would no longer be upset with your parents.

Instead you might spend time teaching them about how Snapchat works.

You could also try to negotiate a compromise and offer to do a trial period where you only use the app with them. Once they use the app and start to understand it, then the chances of your parents saying “yes” may increase.

“So the next time you are upset with someone, play What’s That Interpretation? You will begin to notice that the more you give your friends and family the benefit of the doubt, the better your relationships will be.”
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