5 Essential Strategies for Raising Confident Teen

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The teenage years are tumultuous, and they face many issues, including body image, self-doubt, and insecurity. It can seem like things are chipping away to become a confident teen, but parents have options for helping their children become strong and confident adults.

A Confident teen is more prepared for handling everyday challenges like peer pressure, dating, and quickly getting over disappointments. Use these five tips to help your teen develop the type of confidence that will last a lifetime.

1. Teach Them Assertiveness

Assertive teens are less likely to cave to become victims of peer pressure and know how to stand up for themselves without arrogance or disrespect.

They will also know how to ask for help and speak up if they feel they are poorly treated.

Your role as a parent is to teach your teen the line between assertiveness and arrogance. Show them how assertiveness has nothing to do with yelling or being rude.

You can also reinforce assertiveness in a teen by letting them make some important decisions and letting them know they have rights. You can help them practice their assertiveness by getting them involved in decision-making and teaching them that it’s okay to say no.

2. Encourage Them to Try New Things

Teenagers are learning a lot about themselves, and trying new things is critical to their development. How will they know where their talents or skills lie if they never pick up a guitar, try drawing, or indulge in a bit of public speaking.

You can help them explore their capabilities by encouraging them to join a music class, club, or sports team. Part-time jobs or volunteer work can be inspirational in opening a teenager’s eyes to new possibilities.

3. Praise the Effort, Not the Result

If you see your child consistently trying their best but missing the mark, praise them for their efforts rather than the result. They may miss a few goals, but the ones they do make are because of the effort they have put in. Be sure to let them know that playing the game is the most important thing they can do, regardless of the outcome.

4. Encourage Self-Improvement

A teen who tries a new skill and fails may consider themselves to be a complete failure in all aspects. They may settle on the belief that they aren’t smart, athletic, or creative. Let your teen know that it’s okay not to be good at something, and there are always other things to try.

Help your teen develop the belief that if they are trying their best, they are improving a little every day, even though the result might not be what they were expecting.

Setting goals and learning problem-solving skills will help them continue to work at bettering themselves, and that scoreboards and report cards have little bearing on the type of person they truly are.

5. Encourage Positive Thinking

The inner dialogue of a teenager will play a significant role in their belief system about themselves. A constant barrage of negative thoughts can chip away at self-confidence. Teach your teen to develop a positive mental attitude.

When they notice negative thoughts entering their mind, they can turn them into something more positive. If their thoughts are saying they are no good at science, for example, they could turn this around and tell themselves they will do better if they put in a little more work.


A confident teen will not be afraid to take risks or try new things. They will also be more adept and setting goals and doing the work to reach them. In short, self-confidence will help your teen to be successful and lead a meaningful life. Use the above tips to ensure your teen develops a healthy level of self-confidence.

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