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Deal with a Disrespectful Teenager

The terrible twos don’t have anything on living with a disrespectful teenager. Maybe they stomp to their room and slam the door as soon as they get home. Or they roll their eyes and scowl threateningly at the closest sibling, parent, or pet. Perhaps your attempts at civil engagement are met with dismissive shrugs and a muttered, “whatever.” Their frequent antisocial behavior is in danger of driving away whatever shred of sanity you have left, and you feel like you are about to snap. (more…)

7 Phrases Every Teenager Needs to Hear

Every parent has concerns that their child may not be motivated to do their best and reach their full potential.

All parents want their children to succeed and working on the parent-child relationship is the best way to ensure children develop well-adjusted adults both emotionally and mentally.

How you communicate plays a huge role, so here are seven phrases your teenage children should regularly hear. (more…)

Tips for Raising Confident Children: What Kids and Teenagers Need to Learn

Kids learn new skills right from birth and they do this at a dizzying rate. Along with the new abilities they acquire, they also develop the confidence to use them. But as they grow older, the confidence they acquire can become as important as the skills they learned. In order for them to flourish and succeed, they also need to trust in their own capabilities and know how to handle it if they are not successful at something. When they experienced mastery and know how to rebound from failure, this is when they start to develop self-confidence in a healthy way. (more…)

Best Seller and #1 Best Seller within a few hours of launch

Dr. RJ’s newest book, How to Train Your Superhero Became a Best Seller and #1 Best Seller within a few hours of launch.  It became an International Best Seller within 25 hours and a #1 International Best Seller within 43 hours! Hitting #1 Best Selling Status in 2 countries: US and France. Hitting 20 Best Selling Categories and 8 #1’s! 

Book Launch – How to Train Your Superhero

I’m so excited!!!  My book, “How To Train Your Superhero” is going to be released October 14th During the first 24-48 hours of its launch we will be offering it for a super special rate…so mark the date on your calendar and watch for my posts with the link to get this special rate! In celebration of this release, I wanted to share why I’m excited about this powerful book launch. 


Due to the social isolation from the pandemic, more and more tweens and teens are struggling with unhappiness.  As an board certified orthodontist and a certified teen life coach, my mission is to create smiles both on the outside, and more importantly on the inside. Therefore, I wanted to share the secret to happiness with our youth so that they can start to experience the one emotion that all of us desire, happiness. 


**Remember, watch for my posts on Wednesday, October 14th to be able to purchase this empowering book for only $1 USD!!!**

How Your Teenager Can Overcome Anxiety?

How Your Teenager Can Overcome Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common issues that teenagers face today.

Often times, teenagers can still find ways to perform well in high school although they suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, this is not the case in college. So parents, you are right to be concerned. In my experience as life coach, it often takes between six to eight coaching sessions to help a teen overcome severe anxiety. (more…)

Circle Game Part 2: Flight or Flight vs Stay and Communicate

Flight or Flight Vs Stay and Communicate

What is an ego? Why do we even have an ego? Your ego is your protector. It protects you from any threat you may encounter. It’s in control of your fight or flight response. If there is a threat, then your ego will take over and you either run or fight. So, it’s clear you need your ego. Lucky for you, you don’t face threats all day. The people around love and care about you. You feel safe. Even though your day may full of laughter and fun, your ego probably isn’t having fun. In fact, your ego is bored. It wants to protect you but what good is a protector if there is nothing to protect you from? (more…)

Do You Play the Circle Game in Your Relationships?

Do You Play the Circle Game in Your Relationships

Do You Play the Circle Game in Your Relationships?

If so, STOP!

We get the biggest satisfaction but also the biggest aggravation from relationships. Whether it’s with our friends, parents or siblings, relationships have one of the biggest impacts on daily happiness. When our relationships are healthy and fun we are happy. When they are contentious we are unhappy. It’s just that simple. (more…)

How to Recharge Your Battery

How to recharge your battery

It’s easy to charge your phone these days because there are places to charge it everywhere. In some places you don’t even need to bring your charger with you. Even cars can easily be plugged into any outlet around your house!

What about when your mental battery is running low? Where’s the charging station for that? If you have any desire, goal, or dream that takes a significant amount of time to achieve, then you may have experienced a phase in life where you lost some or all of your motivation. This is perfectly normal. The good news is there are ways to recharge your battery. (more…)

How to Determine the Difference Between Complaining vs Venting

Do you know the difference between venting and complaining? Complaining can negatively impact relationships. Venting however, can be healthy for your relationships. In this blog, I will break down the key differences and show you how to do more venting and less complaining.

There is a fine line between venting and complaining. On the receiving end, they can look similar because venting and complaining share some of the same emotions such as, frustration, anger and even sadness. Being a chronic complainer can ruin your relationships and even prevent you from making meaningful relationships in the future. Venting is much healthier for relationships because it allows you to return to your wonderful self. After complaining you’re still upset, but after venting you feel a sense of peace that allows you to move on and continue being awesome! Venting is a path towards healing while complaining is a path towards conflict. (more…)

The Missing Piece to Your Success

The missing piece to your success

We all know what it takes to be successful:

  • A good idea. Check!
  • Belief. Check!
  • Motivation. Check!
  • Action. Check!

If we all know what it takes, then why do we sometimes fail to reach our goal? Why haven’t we gotten all of our wants and desires? What’s stopping us towards becoming successful?


Broken Relationship with a Parent: Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

Broken Relationship with a Parent: Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

High school can be an exciting and rewarding experience. During this time, parents tend to take a back seat to your friends. It is often not intentional. It is just a natural process of becoming young adults. However, through this process, it is important not to neglect the relationships with your parents (or guardian). Sure, you can have amazing relationships with your friends. You can be making straight A’s. You can be crushing it in sports. No matter how much success you experience, your level of overall happiness will be limited if you neglect the relationship with your parents. It’s like peanut butter without jelly. (more…)

The Pursuit of Goals & Happiness

Austin Life Coach - RPM Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever been told that you should enjoy the process of pursuing your goal, but for you the process is rarely ever fun? I will share a simple way on how to maintain happiness while you are pursuing your goals.

How Do You Experience Happiness While Pursing Your Goal?

I want you to think about the RPM on a motorcycle. The RPMS are used as a measure of how fast the bike is going. Some of the numbers are in red. The red numbers are the engine’s maximum speed. Can you ride in the red? Of course you can, but it’s not advisable to ride in the red for long periods of time. (more…)

Do you allow disappointment to be disappointing?

We have all experienced disappointment.

Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we want and immediately we experience the emotion, disappointment. It can feel as though we have been punched in the stomach. Thankfully, disappointment is an emotion. Which means that it can leave just as fast as it came. Emotions are messengers. They are designed to give you a message then LEAVE. (more…)

How to Get Parents to Say Yes

Are you tired of hearing the word ‘no’ from your parents?

Is there a way to hack into their system of no’s and crack the code to all of the yeses?

I can crack the code for you.

Imagine if you could hear the word ‘yes’ when asking for permission to hang out with your friends or yes to more time playing video games or to staying up late. (more…)

Why your teen needs a life coach

Parents: Why Your Teen Needs a Life Coach

Let’s face it, high school can be tough for any student. Students must try to manage their time among schoolwork, sports, friendships, hobbies, projects, family time, and so on. They also must deal with the social pressures—online and off—of fitting in that may involve problems and obstacles that stand in the way of their success. With all that teens must deal with, they can often feel burned out leaving some with a sense of unfulfillment. This can result in lack of motivation with symptoms of low to no interest in learning, contentious relationships, stress, anxiety, and so on. (more…)


I’m sure you have seen this tag on all of my posts. It may seem as a simple statement but in reality its so much more.

I created #SmileInOut because I am an orthodontist and a life coach. As an orthodontist, I focus on creating smiles on the outside. As a life coach, I focus on creating smiles on the inside. (more…)

A harvest of happiness

I’m sure you have heard of the phrase: You reap what you sow as some type of threatening payback.

So, what does this phrase actually mean?

Some believe that the universe is keeping track of all of the times we wronged others so that it can create opportunities for us to be wronged in the future. (more…)

What Is Your Favorite Lens?

Problem: Our moods can go up and down like a roller coaster. One minute we are happy and excited, and the next we are angry or annoyed. 

Solution: Choose to view what happens to you through a different lens.

Contact lenses have been around since the late 1800s. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that colored contact lenses became popular. Today, if you don’t like your eye color you can simply change it. (more…)

What’s That Interpretation?

Problem: Relationships with your parents, your teachers, or even your friends can be very difficult. Poor communication is the main cause of arguments and fights in your relationships.
Solution: Change how you are interpreting their words and actions.


Welcome To My Blog!

Hi! My name is Remigius but my patients call me Dr. RJ. I am an orthodontist. I straighten teeth for a living.

I decided to become an orthodontist when I was in high school. I am the type of person that wants everyone to be happy. So when I sat with my high school counselor to talk about what degree I wanted to pursue in college, I had no idea. I just told her that I like to make people happy and that wanted to make the world smile. (more…)

How to recharge your battery

It’s easy to charge your phone these days because there are places to charge everywhere. In some places you do not even need to bring your charger with you. Even cars such as a Tesla model X (my favorite) can easily be plugged into any outlet around your house. What about when your mental battery is running low? (more…)