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How Does a Teen Life Coach Help Your Child?

Many adults consider life coaching to be an adult-oriented service for people looking for career changes, fitness advice, or guidance on self-improvement. However, life coaches are not just for adult guidance because teens in the midst of major life changes could benefit from some coaching help as well.


How a Life Coach Can Combat Teen Stress

There are few things as stressful for teenagers as they transition to adulthood. The combination of new responsibilities, social pressures and a developmental gap between their skills and expectations can be overwhelming. And then there are a bunch of adults constantly telling them what they should and shouldn’t be doing. If left unchecked, a build-up of stress can have a negative impact on a teen’s health, relationships, and overall well-being. (more…)

Broken Relationship with a Parent: Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

Broken Relationship with a Parent: Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

High school can be an exciting and rewarding experience. During this time, parents tend to take a back seat to your friends. It is often not intentional. It is just a natural process of becoming a young adult. However, through this process, it is important not to neglect the relationships with your parents (or guardian). Sure, you can have amazing relationships with your friends. You can be making straight A’s. You can be crushing it in sports. No matter how much success you experience, your level of overall happiness will be limited if you have a broken relationship with your parents. It’s like peanut butter without jelly. (more…)

How Do You Discipline a Difficult Teen

Teenagers can be a difficult breed, often living by their own logic that appears not to be logic at all. They crave acceptance while striving to maintain an air of individualism. They have minimal life experience but act like they know everything.  This blog covers ways to discipline a difficult teen.  (more…)

Emotional Needs of a Teenager

The emotional needs of a teenager include support from parents, teachers, and friends. These needs are crucial since teens are exposed to a ton of life stressors, such as 

  • Exams 
  • Relationships 
  • Career choices
  • Peer pressure
  • Fitting in at school
  • Preparing for College or University
  • Part-Time jobs
  • Getting a driver’s license

Here’s what you can do as a parent to ensure your teens’ emotional needs are met.  (more…)

The Pursuit of Happiness & Goals

Austin Life Coach - RPM Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever been told that you should enjoy the process of pursuing your goal, but for you, the process is rarely ever fun? I will share a simple way on how to maintain happiness while you are pursuing your goals.

How Do You Experience Happiness While Pursuing Your Goal?

I want you to think about the RPM on a motorcycle. The RPMS are used as a measure of how fast the bike is going. Some of the numbers are in red. The red numbers are the engine’s maximum speed. Can you ride in the red? Of course you can, but it’s not advisable to ride in the red for long periods of time. (more…)

How To Deal With Emotional Teens

Parenting is rewarding, but children can be frustrating whatever age they are. However, dealing with a toddler in full temper-tantrum mode is not the same as facing off against a moody teenager about to go full rage on you. Still, there are ways to navigate the chaos of living with an emotional teen.

Giving your puberty-stricken teenager a timeout, taking their ‘toys,’ or holding their ice cream hostage probably won’t work as well as it used to. Here are three strategies that will help parents cope.

1. Respect Their Perspective

Imagine how you would feel if, during an argument, your spouse blurted out that your issues weren’t a big deal or you should just get over it? Comments like that are more likely to bring you closer to boiling point rather than resolve the conflict. It’s the same with an emotional teen. When they are moody because of issues or challenges they face, it’s a big deal to them.

2. Be a Good Role Model

You may not always notice, but teens are observing their parents and learning how to navigate the world through what they learn. If they start shouting, show them that responding to conflict through raised voices, threats, and nasty comments is inappropriate. Keep calm and show your teen how you deal with issues rather than tell them. If you use running as stress relief, don’t tell them to go for a run when they’re angry. Instead, you should say, “I’m going for a run to calm down.”  

3. Always Make Yourself Available

Your teenager will not always welcome you with open arms whenever you feel like having a conversation. Sometimes, their response may be downright hostile. However, regardless of their mood, your child should know with certainty that you will always be available when they need you. Remember, it’s not your teenager’s job to make you feel better. It is your role as a parent. 

How to Deal with Teenage Mood Swings

A mood swing is when someone experiences a rapid shift from one mood to another, such as being super happy one minute and then going straight into a fit of anger the next while entirely skipping over the in-between emotional stages. There are many reasons for teenage mood swings. Parents like to blame them on puberty and hormones, but they aren’t the only source of random teenage angst.  (more…)

How to Deal with A Teenager’s Attitude: 5 Tips

Frustrated parents often find themselves at their wit’s end dealing with a teenager’s attitude that seems to defy all logic. 

The most critical thing to keep in mind is that a teenager’s attitude rarely has anything to do with their parents. They are experiencing massive changes which can make them feel confined and powerless.  (more…)

How to Handle Angry Teens: 3 Strategies You Can Deploy Today

Everyone warns new parents to expect angry teens when puberty rolls around, but many parents are often surprised at how intense these outbursts can be. 

Teens seem to be able to shift from deliriously happy to uncontrolled rage in an instant. If you are not prepared for the outbursts, it’s easy to let your emotions control your reaction. Here are three strategies parents can use to keep calm during an emotional tsunami.  (more…)