The SmileInOut Facebook group

Creating a fun environment for personal growth and success.

Why should you join us?

This group is the first of its kind. Teens from all over the country are coming together to help each other succeed. Whether it’s success in school, success in sports or success in relationships, students will help each other overcome obstacles to accomplish any goal. As a life coach I am the moderator.  I will not only facilitate discussions and share tips and strategies, I will also coach students in the areas of leadership and personal development .

Personal development is extremely important at this age. Many adults see the value of personal development but adolescents and teens rarely find interest in this area. Some adults have discovered the secret to life but only after experiencing years of unfulfilling pursuits. Adults who focus on personal development have learned that happiness starts on the inside. These adults have realized that a life pursuit of things for happiness and relying on people to bring them happiness are not the recipes of a happy fulfilled life. But what if teens could learn from the mistakes of the adults and start personal development now. Imagine if they did not have to follow the same typical path that most humans follow, chasing one mirage after another.

One of the reasons high schoolers are not spending much time in the area of personal

development is lack of awareness. It is just not discussed and it’s rarely encouraged.

Many students, like many adults, believe that personal growth happens naturally over time. Unfortunately we can look at the condition of our world to see that personal development is not a natural process. Personal

development takes focus and lots of practice. If teens can start the process now and make a habit of focusing on personal development, life will be more fulfilling and they will experience more success.