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What Issues Are You Noticing In Your Child Lately?

Low Motivation
Lack of Confidence
Poor Self Control
Body Image Issues
Parent-Teen Conflict
Poor Decision Making
Academic Problems
Poor Time Management
Failure to Excel in Sports
& More…

As a parent, you have tried to help. You have tried to find a solution, but your child continues to suffer.

Well, it’s time for the suffering to stop!

“Dr. RJ’s parenting program is amazing! Before completing his program, I was the typical stressed-out parent. After only three weeks, my children asked me why am I so happy all of the time. For my children to say that, I knew that I was making real changes. I can’t thank Dr. RJ enough.”

Kathy Watson


How Does Your Child’s Issues Impact Your Life?

Financial concerns
Poor performance at work
Contentious Relationships
Lack of sleep
& more

“A parent will always suffer more than their child.”

As parents, our response to our children’s unhappiness or poor decision-making is to worry and stress.

Worrying and stressing almost always cause restless sleep. This can lead to:

  • Poor performance at work,
  • Arguments with children,
  • Lack of intimacy with your spouse,
  • Unhealthy eating,
  • Lack of fulfillment,
  • And so on…

Stress and worry are the causes for your unhappiness.

So how do you help your child so that you can start to live a life of happiness?

“My child has always struggled with confidence issues. We tried two different therapists over the past year, but she continued to struggle. I tried to encourage her to join Dr. RJ’s teen coaching program, but she refused. She was tired of “talking to strangers.” Dr. RJ’s team suggested for me to enroll in his parent program since she refused to talk with anyone else. It worked!!! After my daughter notices all the changes I made to develop my confidence, she finally agreed to do Dr. RJ’s program for teens. Today, we are both confident and our relationship could not be any better. I am so glad Dr. RJ offers a program for parents. Sometimes we need to be the example and our kids will follow. Thank you, Dr. RJ and team.”

Jacqueline Bennett


The Secret Parenting Technique

I am sure you have read many books on parenting. You may even belong to parenting groups. Yet, none addresses how to help your teenager maximize their full potential.

Raising a teenager is completely different from anything you have ever done.

If parents are from Mars and Venus, then teenagers are from Jupiter.

Simply put, parenting a teenager can be challenging.

Sure, your care and support will help your child feel loved.


love will not motivate your child, nor will it transform their confidence.

For you to help your child reach a higher level of success and happiness, you need to take on a new role as a parent.

This is true for most parents, but notice there is a role that is missing.

There is only one role that will help your child maximize their full potential.

And that role is a life coach!

You may be thinking to yourself,

“I do coach my child.”

“I give my teen advice all the time.”

“I share life principles with all of my children.”

“I tell them about my past mistakes and failures so they will learn from them.”

“I teach them valuable information about friendships, peer pressure, decision-making, and goal-setting.”

These are great! All that you are doing is very helpful

BUT it is not life coaching.

Life coaching uses proven strategies and techniques to move a person forward to take action.

Therefore, to truly motivate your child and to help them to develop a mindset of confidence then you need to be trained on these techniques and strategies.

When you become a life coach or a better yet a parent coach to your teenager:

  • Your child will listen to you.
  • Your child will be more respectful.
  • Your child will be more confident.
  • Your child will make better decisions.
  • Your child will achieve more goals.
  • Your child will be more motivated to do homework and their chores.

Let’s look at the major differences between what you have been doing as a parent and what you will be doing as a parent coach.

“Dr. RJ’s program for parents is brilliant! I was a screamer. I used to believe that my teenagers “made” me a screamer. During the program, I discovered that I could manage my own emotions. I began to use Dr. RJ’s coaching techniques and everything changed. I am proud to say that I am no longer a screamer.”

Katelin White


Hello, I’m Dr. RJ. I Am Your Teen’s Life Coach.

As a certified teen life coach, my mission has always been to transform the confidence in teenagers (and preteens) so that they can maximize their full potential. Early in my career, I discovered to create a massive transformation in a teenager, the parents also need to transform. Sure, I get success, whether or not the parents, are involved, but the level of change is massive when the parents also coach their teens.

This works in any environment and within any household. Learning to coach your teen will work if you are happily married or if you are going through a divorce; if you and your teen are distant or BFFs. However, you describe your relationship with your teenager, learning to coach your teen will create a massive transformation. The first step of coaching anyone is coaching yourself.

Your child will witness a transformation in you first. This undoubtedly will open their minds to the possibilities for their own transformation (on an unconscious level).

Dr. RJ Was Voted Best-Selling Author on Amazon!

How to Train Your Superhero is an empowering best-seller on Amazon, and is based on Dr. RJ’s firsthand experience dealing with teens, and tweens as well. Due to social isolation from the pandemic, more and more tweens and teens are struggling with unhappiness. As a board-certified orthodontist and a certified teen life coach, Dr. RJ’s mission is to create smiles both on the outside, and more importantly on the inside. In this book, he shares the secret to happiness within our youth, so that they can start to experience the one emotion that all of us desire, happiness.

“I enrolled in Dr. RJ’s parent program to discover how I as a father could motivate my son. I enjoyed learning all the secrets Dr. RJ uses to motivate teens. I could not believe that what I was doing before the program was hindering my son’s motivation. The coaching techniques worked almost immediately. I often review Dr. RJ’s trainings as a refresher so that I am continuing to parent coach my child instead of just parenting him.”

-Lawrence Pearson


Coach Your Teen Program

I created this program so that you no longer have to WAIT.

You will no longer have to WAIT for years of therapy only to see marginal changes.

You will no longer have to WAIT for your child to agree to participate in life coaching programs.

You will have the ability to create a transformation in your child NOW!

The first step in my Coach Your Teen™️ program is training you how to coach yourself first. Remember, before you can coach your teen you must first coach yourself. It is very important that you experience a personal transformation.

Once you make your transformation, I will train you on how to coach your teen using proven techniques in each of the following areas:


There are proven strategies to help motivate someone to start and complete a task.

Therefore you, as the parent, can motivate your teenager to do their homework, turn in their assignments, complete their chores, and so on.

Decision making

One of the biggest worries a parent has about their teenager is their decision-making. As a parent coach, you will have the tools to guide your children through the proper decision-making process


The most important desire for most parents is to have an amazing and loving relationship with their teenagers.

This is possible as a parent coach. The reason for this is because communication is the number one factor that determines the health of a relationship. Think about your relationship with your child currently. I am sure you can notice how poor communication is limiting the growth of that relationship.

As a parent coach, you will learn to recognize the most effective method of communication with your child.


Your teenager’s ability to identify a goal and pursue it will determine how much success they will experience. Thankfully, goal setting is a science. This means you will learn specific techniques to help your teenager accomplish their goals.


The way for your child to maximize their full potential is with confidence. Confidence is key to your child’s success and happiness.

As a parent coach, you will learn how to develop your child’s confidence without them knowing what you are doing. Complimenting your child and telling them how they should feel about themselves will not be effective. That is why as a parent, you must learn how to coach your teen.

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