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They Are Alone 

Are You Noticing Any Of These Issues With Your Pre-Teen?

No Friends
Low Motivation
Lack of Confidence
No Goals
Poor Time Management
& More

These are real issues that that middle schoolers face.

And although they are almost teenagers, you know that these issues can hold them back in life.

So you worry.

You stay up late thinking about what will happen if the issues listed above are not “fixed.”

And what makes you most disappointed is that you know that they are capable of much more.

“My daughter really struggled to make friends before Dr. RJ’s program. Now she is confident, and she is a part of a good friend group.”

Tonya Simpson

You Are Right to be Concerned

Middle School has been recognized as the most challenging transition that children will experience. During these years is when they decide who they are. These are also the years that they pull away from their parents. This can be a recipe for disaster. Helping your child develop specific skills in middle school is detrimental to their future.

Pre-teens who do not learn these skills often suffer from the following in High School
Toxic Relationships
Poor Academics
Risky Behavior
Poor Health

Dr. RJ’s program helped me so much in middle school. I felt I was not good enough since I was not popular. So many of the girls were mean, which contributed to my overall depression. Dr. RJ gave me tools to get rid of limiting beliefs while developing more empowering ones.

Larkin Stevens, 14-year-old

My Secret To Success

I have had so much success coaching pre-teens because of my ability to help them set, pursue, and accomplish goals.

I do not prescribe a magical pill. I do not have them lie down on a couch and tell me about their problems. I do not criticize parents and tell them that it is their fault.

Instead, I direct their focus on the one thing that produces growth, excitement, and motivation, and that is


When your pre-teen shifts their focus from feeling like a failure to feeling like they can accomplish anything, their mood changes,

Their attitude changes,
Their emotions change.

I am successful with pre-teens because I know how to get them excited about creating the life of their dreams.

The following is the exact framework I use to help pre-teens transform their lives:

1. Remove Limiting Beliefs
2. Clarify Their Desires
3. Set and Pursue Goals

Remove Limiting Beliefs

When pre-teens believe they are “not good enough,” their overall success will be limited.

That is why our coaches focus primarily on their belief systems.

Many parents focus only on their child’s obedience. Sure, it makes parenting more manageable, but what’s more important is that your child believes they “are enough” and can accomplish anything they desire.

Discover Your Why

Your child’s understanding of “why” they want something is extremely important. In Middle School, peer pressure becomes heightened. Therefore a lot of what they want is influenced by their peers. Understanding their “why” will help them learn more about themselves and their values. And it will give them motivation for when they take action towards their goals.

Set and Pursue Goals

Now your Pre-teen is ready to take action towards their goals. This process seems simple, but there is a specific framework that each individual must learn if they want to increase their chances of accomplishing goals.

I learned that to be an effective coach, I must be an effective teacher. Our coaches train middle schoolers on the same framework that Billionaires such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates use when setting and pursuing goals.

During coaching sessions, the coach will help your Pre-teens set and pursue goals to help them create the life they desire.

“My son did not try hard in 6th grade. He believed it was a waste of time since the grades did not count. I enrolled him in Dr. RJ’s program in February to help him become more motivated about school. Looking back, I wish I had enrolled him sooner. About six weeks into the program, I received emails from teachers raving about my son’s performance. Dr. RJ’s program is a requirement for middle school.”

Rebecca Wright

Hello, I’m Dr. RJ. I Am Your Pre-teen’s Life Coach.

Before I tell you why I became a life coach for pre-teenagers and teenagers, I need first to tell you why I became an orthodontist.

You heard me right. I am an orthodontist 😁

When I was in high school, my guidance counselor asked me to pick a career. “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?” she asked.

I replied with the most common phrase used by all teenagers, “I don’t know.”

So she asked me a different question. “If you could make a difference in the world, what difference would you make.”

I thought about that question for a while. I knew she would not allow me to use that common phrase again.

I replied, “I want people to be happy. So I would spread happiness.”

“Great! You have two options. You can be a comedian, or you can be an orthodontist.”

(Life coaching wasn’t a career back then.)

My decision was easy at that point. I was not funny, so I chose to be an orthodontist.

I thought, “Smiles are the logo for happiness, so why not be the guy who creates them.”

I never strayed from that path, and in May of 2012, it was official. I was an orthodontist.

I enjoy creating smiles!

And I felt that I was following my life’s mission to spread happiness until May 2016, something happened!

If you have never had braces, then you probably do not know the celebration that occurs when braces come off. It is a happy occasion.

The patient is happy and sometimes crying tears of joy. The parents are delighted. My team is ecstatic, and I am overjoyed. This was the image that was in my mind that day in the counselor’s office when I decided that I was going to be an orthodontist.

But something happened. A few days later, I received a phone call from that parent telling me her daughter was depressed.

She knew I mentored adolescents, so she asked if I could help.

“I would be happy to talk with her, but it sounds like she needs a therapist.”

I had only mentored adolescents at that time. So I wasn’t trained to handle one struggling with depression.

But that wasn’t all, the next week the same thing happened again. And again, I referred them to a therapist.

But that wasn’t the end. The same thing happened a third time.

At that moment, I knew orthodontics alone would not be enough to fulfill my life’s purpose of spreading happiness among adolescents.

You see, if something happens once, then it is random.

If something happens twice, then it is a coincidence.

If something happens three times, then I need to pay attention.

So the moment after I spoke with the third parent, I immediately started researching how I could help the youth.

I prepared to pursue a degree in therapy until all three parents told me that therapy was not helping their kids.

So I went back to the drawing board.

And that is when I discovered life coaching.

After a decade of life coaching, I have had the pleasure of helping over 7,000 pre-teens, and teens accomplish their goals.

“My child was always shy, even as a toddler. I didn’t think it was a big deal until he entered middle school. Not having friends crushed him. I tried therapy, but he refused. I found Dr. RJ through Facebook, and I signed up immediately when I learned he could help. My son developed confidence, and I became a better parent. This program is truly life-changing.”

– Meghan Williams

How Can I Help Your Pre-Teen

I believe my success in coaching middle schoolers comes from my ability to help them accomplish goals.

As a results-based coach, I focus on helping them create the life they desire. All humans have an idea as to how their life SHOULD be. Unhappiness comes from the discrepancy between their current life and how it should be (in their mind). The only way to remove the discrepancy is to be effective at setting and pursuing goals.

For your pre-teens to be effective at setting and pursuing goals, they must be trained and coached.

This is the same with any professional sport. The players are trained and coached.

That is why I created the most successful life coaching program for pre-teens.

We TRAIN, and we COACH.

“Dr. RJ is amazing! My child was disrespectful, and we constantly fought about rules. Dr. RJ helped with communication while also helping my daughter with believing in herself. I highly recommend Dr. RJ’s coaching program.”

– Carolyn Myers

Success Coaching Program

My Signature 3 Step Process was created to help pre-teens set and pursue goals.
The first step is to PREPARE the mind.

Top performing athletes prepare their minds before doing any physical training. For life, the same process is required. So before your child tries to accomplish any goals, they must prepare mentally for the pursuit.

During this phase, we will address:

Limiting beliefs
Negative self-talk

Pre-teens can often feel anxious, depressed, discouraged, and so on. Unfortunately, everyone has these thoughts (therefore, everyone needs to prepare their mind before pursuing a goal).

So, there is no need for a pity party; these thoughts are just obstacles that stand in the way of their goals.

So we treat them as such.

We list and identify them. Then we use tools to get rid of them.

Now, we are ready for the second step of my Signature 3 Step Process.

Step 2 is PLAN

This is the fun part.

During this phase, we brainstorm, research, and create our action plan.

Often times, we address decision-making (Pre-teens, as you know, can be indecisive).

Finally, we set our intentions, agree on a time frame, and develop a daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly action plan.

The final step in my Signature 3 Step Process is PURSUE

During this phase, life coaching is an absolute necessity!

Anytime Pre-teens attempt to create a life they desire, the likelihood of success is directly correlated to their level of belief.

As a life coach, our job is to motivate and encourage your pre-teen as they take action.

One of the most significant factors that will decide success versus failure is accountability. Pre-teens are more likely to follow through when they are held accountable for their daily, weekly, and monthly action plans.

Finally, I often use celebrations along the way to keep the momentum.

Dr. RJ’s Coaching Program in a nutshell

Parents, it would help if you took action right now.

Please do not allow your child to struggle through middle school. The best thing you can do for your child right now is to allow us to train and coach them.

We have a 100% success rate in helping Pre-teens set and pursue goals.

The first step is to schedule a consultation. The next step is to enroll in the program. Finally, plan a celebration to show your child how proud you are of them.

Are you worried your child won’t participate? No worries. We have a specific strategy for getting pre-teens to participate.

It’s time for you to help your Pre-teen maximize their full potential.

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