Book Launch – How to Train Your Superhero

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I’m so excited!!!  My book, “How To Train Your Superhero” is going to be released October 14th During the first 24-48 hours of its launch we will be offering it for a super special rate…so mark the date on your calendar and watch for my posts with the link to get this special rate! In celebration of this release, I wanted to share why I’m excited about this powerful book launch. 


Due to the social isolation from the pandemic, more and more tweens and teens are struggling with unhappiness.  As an board certified orthodontist and a certified teen life coach, my mission is to create smiles both on the outside, and more importantly on the inside. Therefore, I wanted to share the secret to happiness with our youth so that they can start to experience the one emotion that all of us desire, happiness. 


**Remember, watch for my posts on Wednesday, October 14th to be able to purchase this empowering book for only $1 USD!!!**

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