Meet Our Coaches

Elaine Dillinger

Accountability Manager

Elaine Dillinger is a Certified Life Coach.  She has helped women around the world reach their desired potential by sharing her knowledge, experience and skills of mastering the mind.

Elaine is a woman who gets it.  Life is not always what we want, expectations can trip you up, and creating a life we love is the name of the game.  Elaine gets it because she lives it.  Being a solo mom of three, life was difficult.  She is a strong woman.  Dedicated to the success of others.  She has solid skills, intuitive guidance and fierce faith.  Her coaching style is authentic and always based in love.

Elaine continues to grow in her passion to serve.  She has worked closely with and has been mentored by Dr RJ Jackson, a pioneer in Life Coaching for Teens.  As an Accountability Coach in Life Scholars Academy, she works with teens in the program.  Motivating, encouraging, shifting and loving them to success and transformation.

  • Certified Life Coach 10/2018
  • Certified in Energy Psychology 8/2015
  • Love and Authenticity Practitioner 11/2018
  • Trained under Dr RJ Jackson 5/2017

Ayisha Dodd

Parent Coach Manager

My name is Ayisha Dodd and I’m a certified Love and Authenticity Practitioner, a specialized life coach using love based methodologies to facilitate healing and self-empowerment. It is my goal to inspire others through love and music. I am a mother to four beautiful souls, and my children are my motivating force for everything that I do. I see motherhood as my greatest accomplishment. It is my purpose to inspire personal growth as well as the confidence needed to be yourself and excel in whatever your heart desires to accomplish in life.


Accountability Consultant

Adam has been motivating people most of his life. As a college athlete he knew the importance of taking action and having a positive mindset.
Self-esteem and Self Image is a big part of his success. His mindset is that it’s not what others think of you, it’s what you think of yourself that creates
true confidence. What motivates you may be the thoughts of others but what YOU think is what sets the tone for building self-confidence. It’s true mindfulness that allows us to control our own thoughts.

From being an athlete to being a musician his unique qualities are what set him apart from others. He is willing to face any new challenge because he knows the value is in learning from our mistakes.

“If we want help, we have to take action first and show initiative before we can expect answers.”

– Coach Adam Certifications: Life and Mindfulness Coach since 8/2017

Daniel Dillinger

Accountability Coach

Hi, I’m Daniel, a certified coach, with a specialization in relationships.  My passion is to help people understand how they function at their natural best, and how that affects how they interact with the world around them.

I’ve been coaching for almost 30 years, whether in sports, business, or life, and my main motivation is to help people first SEE their potential, then achieve it.  I love helping people discover their natural strengths, and use them to move into the life they want to live.  Confidence is knowing yourself, your value, and all the beautiful things you are and can do.

I love anything sports or competition, and my favorite sport is whatever I’m doing at the time.  I actually met my wife coaching high school soccer against each other, and fortunately for our marriage, our teams both tied for first.  We have two incredible boys who love to wrestle, and fight, and ride their bikes.

Coach Sophorn

Accountability Coach

Sophorn is a certified life coach and an integrative nutrition health coach who has over a decade of experience working with teens. She received her Bachelor’s in Science at Baldwin Wallace University and training from Authentic Living and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sophorn believes in a holistic approach to living well and her goal is to serve and empower teens by providing ongoing support and guidance as they explore and navigate goals that elevate their mind, body and spirit.

Christina Hibbard

Accountability Coach

Christina is a passionate communicator,  listener, and self-esteem enthusiast who is on a mission to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

She received her Certification from the Life Purpose Institute.  She also received her certificate in Mediation and Mindful Thinking from Niagara University.

She knows life is tough, especially in today’s world, and she gets it. Having grown up in a blended family while struggling with poor self-esteem and body image issues during most of her teenage years, Christina can relate to the issues that teenagers face today. Now passionate about the life-changing results she experienced in her own life, Christina is on a mission to impart confidence, coping skills, and positive social skills to young people and adults everywhere. She coaches teenagers and young women to gain confidence, character, and class by helping them learn how to truly love themselves, understand healthy decision-making, appreciate their inner-beauty, and so much more. She is also a resource for parents as she has a knack for bridging the gap in communication between teenagers and their parents so that both parties are heard, understood, and can bond with one another during those pivotal teen years.

Jazz Napravnik

Accountability Coach

For the past 20 years, I have been working with teens and young adults, mentoring and coaching them to reach their greatest potential. Some have even gone on to become world leaders and influencers. I am honored that they trust me with their deepest secrets and biggest dreams and allow me to guide them as they grow into adulthood. The young people I have worked with come from all walks of life and past challenges. Watching a young person overcome their challenges and achieve their goals, even when the chances of success are perceivably small, ignites a fire in me to reach more and more kids. My passion is growing young minds and helping teens reach their greatest potential with the least resistance. Nothing is impossible, and I will show your child how to find the confidence that is dormant within them, bring it to the surface, and shine brightly for all to see, as they accomplish their life dreams and goals