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Why is Confidence the Key to Unlocking your Child’s Greatest Potential?

Your child has an unbelievable amount of potential. Parents you know this, but often times your teenagers do not.

Sure, you tell them how special and amazing they are, but do they believe you, no.


Because you are mom. You are dad. “You are supposed to say those things.”

The reason why your words are not enough is because the voice in their mind is much louder and speaks more often.

They hear words like:

“You are not good enough.”
“You are not smart enough.”
“You are not pretty enough.”
“You are not enough.”

This is the reason your child lacks confidence.

“The tips and techniques that Dr.RJ taught me has helped me tremendously! Before high school, I believed that people did not like me so I did not talk much. Dr. RJ helped me challenge the thoughts that were causing fear. Now, I can be myself knowing that I have the power to manage my thoughts.”

Jack Morris,15-year-old


Should You be Concerned About your Child’s Lack of Confidence?

  • Does your child say negative “I am” statements such as, “I am stupid.” “I am ugly?”
  • Does your child look at the ground walking?
  • Does your child take constructive criticism, poorly?
  • Is your child scared to speak up in large gatherings?
  • Does your child cling on to that one friend?
  • Is your child resistant to trying new things?
  • Does your child “follow the crowd?”
  • Does your child have a special talent but is scared to perform in front of others?
  • Is your child uncomfortable with receiving compliments?
  • Does your child give up too soon?
  • Is your child shy?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions then your child may have a low level of confidence.

And if your child is not confident then your child will not reach their full potential.

There is a way to develop your child’s confidence.

“At first I did not understand why I needed a life coach. It wasn’t until I had my first coaching session that I realized that having a life coach is so important. Dr. RJ noticed that fear was limiting my growth. I did not participate in any extracurricular activities. I did not try when it came to homework and tests. I didn’t even try to make any new friends. After he worked with me to overcome my fear, things started to improve in my life. Now, I play hockey, I have a fun friend group, and I make all As!”

Brody Hughes, 14-year-old


Meet Certified Teen Coach, Dr. RJ

The #1 rated Teen Life Coach in the United States

He is the teen confidence expert. To date, Dr. RJ has a 100% success rate in developing confidence in tweens and teens.

Dr. RJ is not only a certified Teen Life Coach, but he’s also a board-certified Orthodontist.

Dr. RJ started his career as an Orthodontist because he wanted to spread happiness among teenagers.

When he opened his practice in 2014 (in Austin, Texas), he noticed that although he was creating smiles on the outside, many of the teenagers were still unhappy on the inside.

Two years after opening his practice, Dr. RJ coached his first teenager. One of his orthodontic patients was suffering from an eating disorder.

Dr. RJ was always involved in his church where he taught and mentored middle schoolers. One day, her mom asked Dr. RJ if he could do anything to help because they tried therapy but it wasn’t working. The patient was in and out of therapy for over five years. Dr. RJ agreed to talk to her.

During their conversation, he started to think about the time when he had his first experience with a life coach. His life coach was able to help him manage his thoughts so that he can maximize his success in dental school. It became clear that her problems was not any disorder that requires medication. It was her inability to manage her thoughts. He immediately searched for a life coach that specialized in coaching teenagers. He found none, zero!

At that moment, he felt called to do more than create smiles on the outside. He knew he also needed to help create smiles on the inside.

After completing the life coaching certification program through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching at the University of Texas, he began coaching teenagers all over the country.

Currently, Dr. RJ is the #1 certified Teen Life Coach in the U.S. who specializes in building confidence in teenagers.

And the patient who suffered from an eating disorder, Dr. RJ transformed her confidence in less than a month. She has not struggled with her weight since.

“Dr. RJ helped me when life was most stressful. Before my SAT I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I honestly just felt stuck. I looked forward to my coaching sessions with Dr. RJ because he always helped me to see things in a whole new way. We worked through all of my issues (he calls them obstacles) and he gave me tools to use when I start to feel overwhelmed and anxious. By the way, I scored a 1510 on my SAT and I honestly believe that Dr. RJ had a lot to do with that.”

Libby Mitchell, 18-year-old


Dr. RJ’s Secret to Success with Transforming Confidence in Teens.

Introducing the “Confidence Transformation Coaching Program”.

This 8-week program consists of 8 weekly group coaching sessions with Dr. RJ twice a week. During this program, he takes teens through his Signature Three Step Process to developing confidence.

Step 1: Define

This is the first step in Dr. RJ’s Three Step Process.

Confidence is a subjective term. It looks and acts differently for different people.

Therefore, it is important for teens to define their own definition of confidence.

For example, Dr. RJ will not try to change an introvert to an extrovert. But what he will do is give the introvert the confidence to be who they want to be without the fear of judgment from others.

Step 2: Discovery

Teenagers often lose their confidence at an early age.

Sometimes it is due to bullying from peers, siblings, or even parents.

Others times, it is due to the many comparisons over the years. Usually personalities that are more introverted often get labeled as being “shy” which can be devastating to their confidence.

It is important for teenagers to recognize that they were born confident and that some event early in their life devastated their confidence.

During this discovery phase, teens will also recognize the benefits of confidence and how it can change their lives.

Phase 3: Do

The only way to transform is to take ACTION.

During this phase, teenagers will start to live, confident. Coaching in a group session allows teenagers to “practice” confidence with their peers. This is important since often times it takes confidence to try new things even if it’s trying to be confident.

This step is when teens will make a conscious effort to manage their thoughts in a way where they can go through life without fear.

“After Alex joined his coaching program, I witnessed a transformation over four weeks. My son is much more motivated. I no longer have to fight with him about homework, and practice and video games. We are so grateful for Dr. RJ. After witnessing the transformation with Alex, I believe that every teenager could benefit from a life coach.”

-Adam DeLeon (Parent)


What will you notice after your child has completed this program?

Parents will notice a happier child right away.

Then, parents will start to notice the following in their teen:

Positive “I am” statements

Talking more in groups

Open to trying new things

Being more decisive in their decisions

Improved performance in academics and sports

Taking on more leadership roles

Recognize what makes them special and unique

Respond better to criticism

Overall more positive

Experience more success


Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, this program is for middle school and high school students. With that said, if your ten year old is mature enough then they may join.

If your child usually does not participate in group settings then it may be a sign that they have a low level of confidence. This program is exactly what they need. Dr. RJ is great at getting teenagers to open up and participate in group discussions. If your child needs a confidence transformation then this is the program for him/her.

Often times, teens will be resistant to life coaching because they believe it’s like therapy. Life coaching is NOT therapy. Therapy identifies problems, labels the problems, and then ask questions about that problem for years.

Life coaching identifies that each person is unique and special. It removes labels and does not focus on problems. Instead, life coaching helps clients reach higher levels of success and happiness.

In fact, Dr. RJ doesn’t call issues, “problems.” “They are only obstacles standing in the way of teens reaching their goals.”

The best way to get your teen to participate is to either

  1. 1Tell them you have signed them up and that you know that it will be a great experience for them. In other words, I am the parent, I will do what’s best for you.
  2. Negotiate by giving them a new freedom or giving them back some privilege that was taken away

Ultimately, parents, if you truly believe that your child can benefit from improving their confidence then it is important for you to commit to the program and make sure your child attends the coaching session. Dr. RJ will make it fun and interactive so that your child will participate in the coaching sessions.

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