How Can I Help My Out-of-Control Teenager?

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An out-of-control teenager is a stressful situation for all family members. If your teenager is making bad choices that could affect their future, here’s what you can do to put them back on the right path.

Start with Trust

Teenagers who don’t trust their parents are unlikely to listen to guidance, but it’s up to parents to take the first step. Show a teenager respect by not invading their privacy and giving them some space. Don’t sneak behind their back to “spy” on them. Doing this will only cause them to lose even more respect and shoot down any advice you care to give.

Open The Lines of Communication

If your child has developed severe issues like stealing or chronic lying, you need to discuss how you can get back to the right path. When you have a conversation with a teenager, it may be challenging to understand how they see things. Parents should avoid judging a teen in these circumstances. Rather than give possibly misguided advice, it’s important to listen and talk when they are ready.

Set Consequences and Boundaries

You don’t want to turn your home into a prison, but your teenager needs to know there are boundaries where consequences will follow if crossed. It’s critical to make the rules clear from the start instead of looking like you are making them up as you go along. This is another reason why good communication lines are critical to reining in a rebellious teenager.

You should also ensure you are prepared to follow through with any consequences you set. Angry, resentful teenagers will spot weaknesses and possibly take advantage.

Deal with Medical and Mental Health Issues

Teenage challenges and hormonal changes can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, depression, or other mental health conditions. You may not have noticed any signs while they were younger, but growing changes can bring them to light in explosive ways.

Having trouble socializing or erupting like Mt Vesuvius at the slightest provocation may indicate that your child has an undiagnosed mental illness. Book an appointment with your doctor to find out more about how to help your child.

Is your once peaceful existence getting disrupted by an angry, out-of-control teenager? Teen life coaches are an excellent resource for parents finding themselves out of their depth. Call today to discover more about how we can help you with your teenager issues. 

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