How to Help Your Teen Overcome Social Media Addiction

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Social media addiction is a diagnosable disorder where teens spend too much time on social media to the point it impairs other important life areas. Teens often become enthralled with social media as a means of escape, which can set a precedent for using their favorite platform as an unhealthy coping mechanism. As a concerned parent, here’s what you can do to help your teen overcome social media addiction.

Create A Schedule

Set boundaries for when your child can have access to social media. Remove access to phones at night and monitor their use of tablets and computers on weekends and afternoons.

No Technology in Their Bedrooms

If social media is a problem, teens should not have access to social media apps in their bedrooms. Install computers and only allow tablets in shared living areas where a parent can monitor activity and screen time. 

This may be easier said than done. The longer your teen has had unfettered access to social media, the angrier they may get when cut off, but you need to stand your ground. The earlier you start healthier screen time practices, the better it will be for your child.

Spend More Time Together as a Family

Too much screen time isn’t solely a teenager problem. Many parents can also fall into the trap of endless scrolling. Set a good example by limiting your use of social media and using that time to engage more with your family. Play games, go to the park, or visit relatives in person instead of liking and sharing each other’s posts. Social media is no substitute for real-life interaction.

Get Professional Help

Addiction can have a powerful grip on a person’s behavior. Parents who think they have tried everything to no avail could benefit from a professionally trained life coach to help their teens overcome their reliance on social media.

Teen life coaches understand issues modern teenagers face and may be more in touch with the challenges than parents who find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Call today to find out how we can help your teenager overcome their social media addiction and find healthier ways to spend their time.  

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