Advanced Leadership Training

The value your teen can gain from this training is immeasurable. Dr. RJ will equip them with life lessons and actionable strategies that can help them get prepared for a lifetime of success. All plans have a 100% money back guarantee.

How much do parents typically spend on their child each year for sports and other extracurricular activities:

$1,147 – $10,994

Is $750 worth the transformation that you desire to see in your child?

By signing up for this program, it’s as if your teen were to hire the following professionals all at once:

Several Private Tutors = $10,000/year

Academic Coach = $9,000/year

Growth Counselor = $8,000/year

Life Mentor = $10,000/year

Performance Psychologist = $14,000/year

Plus, we have a 100% guarantee or your money back! *

* The money back guarantee applies to the first week. If during the first week you believe that this program is not suitable for your teenager then you will be refunded the entire amount paid or you may apply this amount towards one of Dr. RJ’s high level coaching programs. In order for this training to be effective, it requires commitment to the commitment, and full completion of the Advanced Leadership Training course.

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