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What more can I say?!? Dr. RJ has completely changed my family’s life. Now, my husband and I truly enjoy spending time with our son. Adrian has been increasingly more confident over the last several months–from initiating his own chores and conversations with us, to trying a new sport (golf) which he’s always wanted to play but was nervous that he would not be good enough. Now my son and my husband golf at our local course 2-3 times a month! I cannot thank Dr. RJ enough for how he has transformed his life. On top of a better relationship with us, our son is now more social and able to put down his video game controller for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I would recommend Dr. RJ’s program to anyone who is looking to get their child motivated and confident. This was such a game changing experience for our son and we are thrilled for what the future holds!

Am amazed!! Prior to COVID my daughter Bri would not say a peep to anyone (EVERY parent/teacher conference teachers would tell me she is so quiet and they would like her to participate), so after 1.5 years of remote learning, when she returned to school, it was very difficult for her. One day her teacher called me to say that she was concerned as things were getting worse for Bri (getting upset in class but not asking for help or saying why she was upset). Bri was already meeting with a therapist, but that was not helping Bri’s self-confidence. I then signed up for this program and when you sign up, you indicate what your goal is and you can stay in the program until this goal is met (up to 18 months) and I put that i wanted Bri’s teacher to say to me during the spring parent/teacher conference that Bri was participating, while thinking in the back of my mind “this will never happen”. Well the other day Bri came home to tell me she explained a math problem to the class so I emailed the teacher to ask if this was true and the teacher wrote this back to me: “I was going to call you today! SHE IS ON FIRE! I honestly have chills just typing this! The way she explained that math problem made other students in the class understand it in a way that I couldn’t get them to! She has been participating, smiling, talking to unfamiliar people in the class, and her confidence has increased SOOOOOOOO much! Our girl is coming out of her shell and I am SO EXCITED!”

Wow! Dr. RJ’s program is magical! I will be honest, I was skeptical at first. I read every review out there. He has a lot of positive reviews and a couple of negative reviews. AsI decided to schedule a consultation because the positive reviews outweighed the negative. After I enrolled, I started the parent portion of Dr. RJ’s program since my teen refused to participate. Dr. RJ’s parent seminars are really amazing. He answers every question from the parents on the zoom sessions. He literally has a recommendation for any situation a parent deals with. He gave me a strategy to motivate my son without being a nagging parent. And it worked! My son even noticed my changes as a parent. Eventually he decided to try out Dr. RJ’s program. Dr. RJ’s team was right. “Teens will resist initially but when the parent makes changes the teen will eventually participate.” After only four weeks, I started to notice Evan, turning in his homework without me having to be involved. He also started to shower and brush his teeth without me nagging. He even cleans his room without me threatening him. The real transformation happened about two weeks ago when Dr. RJ taught about how to make friends. Before that class, Evan was never motivated to make friends. Now, he has two friends!
My son is the happiest he has ever been which makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. Dr. RJ is a miracle worker!

We started Dr.RJ’s course a few weeks ago. And it was the best decision I made for my son.
First we bought Dr. RJ’s book, Parenting happy teens, and I learned so much. I found his double pain technique to be very useful, and it continues to work really well with my son. We also learned alot from Dr.RJ’s video training. I love the way his program is set up. I find myself watching the trainings over and over.
My husband and I are attending Dr. RJ’s Zoom parenting group coaching sessions, and we are already noticing a change in our relationship with our son.
Dr. RJ’s program really works. After only a few weeks, our son is happy. As a mother, with three children, that’s all I want for each of them.
We have also noticed that our son listens to us more since starting Dr. RJ’s program. For example, since he started the program he has completed his chores without me having to remind him.
I must say that I am really grateful for Dr.RJ’s program.. We are excited about our son’s future now. Thank you so much for the knowledge and experience you have shared with us. We look forward to continuing to improve our parenting skills and watching our son live out his full potential.

Dr. RJ is the real deal! My daughter just finished her program today. My husband and I finished ours last week. This was the most amazing experience for my family. I honestly can not believe, it actually worked. My daughter was depressed at the start of the pandemic. Her friend group cut her off. She was left with no friends so she sat in her room all day alone. Our pediatrician referred us to a couple of therapists. The first, my daughter would not talk. The second I personally did not like her approach. The third one my daughter liked. But after 10 months there was no improvement. My daughter seemed to be better after the first few sessions but would immediately go back into depression. My husband and I didnt know what to do so I started searching for alternatives to therapy. I found Dr. RJ because my neighbor recommended his podcast. Right away, I felt hopeful. Dr. RJ understands teenagers. So I asked my daughter if she would be open to life coaching. Immediately, she said no. I asked why, and she told me that she was tired of talking about her depression. Once I explained that Dr. RJ’s approach is very different than a therapist, she decided to give it a try. Dr. RJ believes in a “training and coaching” approach. His program consists of video trainings and group coaching for the kids and parents have their own set of trainings and separate group coaching sessions. We loved this format. My family is extremely busy so this was perfect for our schedule. We watched the video trainings on our own time and we attended the group coaching sessions every week. We learned so much from interacting with Dr. RJ and listening to him coach other parents. My daughter absolutely loved the group coaching for the teens. She was impressed that so many of her peers were on the call at once. I believe there were between 100-200 teens. She said that it made her feel normal unlike therapy. She actually made three friends during the program. They love Dr. RJ’s personality. He is upbeat and funny. More importantly, he helped my daughter out of depression. She was back to her normal self after 6 weeks of his program. We all decided to stay in for the entire year. Dr. RJ gives this as a gift because he believes a transformation must be maintained. Dr. RJ is an angel. He has a gift and I am so thankful he is here for our teens.

My 15 year old son started this program 4 months ago. Initially he was very resistant but I followed Dr. RJ’s recommendation to not push him.

I started going through the program myself and sharing my experience with him. He also noticed that I was watching videos on a regular basis including the videos for the teens. I recommended a couple of videos that I thought would be beneficial to him and after watching the first one he said “yep not bad”. 😆

I continued to share my favorite teen videos with him and now he appreciates the coaching and understands the importance of always having a coach if he is going to achieve big goals throughout his life.

I hired my first success coach 25 years ago when I got my Real Estate license and that helped me become rookie of the year. Since then I have never gone without a coach in every area of my life. I want my son to grow up with the same mindset, he has a trainer at the gym, a tennis coach and Dr. RJ as his success coach.

I absolutely love the program and how Dr. RJ interacts with the teens. He definitely has a special gift to work with teenagers. They listen and respect his opinion.

I agree with Dr. RJ’s philosophy that focuses on the relationship. Everything else is easy to solve and work on if the relationship is great and it’s a mutual one full of love and respect.

Thanks Dr. RJ for helping so many teenagers live a better, happier, more confident and successful life.

ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS YOU’LL MAKE FOR YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE! We decided this was an investment and it has truly paid off! We’ve seen our daughter’s behavior transform right before our eyes. She entered the program unmotivated about school and her future. She is now putting a greater effort into her class work as well as talking more about college. There is NEVER any resistance about attending Dr. RJ’s sessions and she never lets us listen in – she always says it’s private and we can’t hear all the tips she’s learning LOL! Dr. RJ connects with the teens and offers alternatives for them to navigate what’s important to them as well as what’s being asked of them by us parents – it’s MAGIC! One of the greatest outcomes for me as a mom is having her begin to do her chores without constant reminders or threats of loosing privileges – SCORE! She is still improving in some areas but the parental anxiousness and worry and her path and future has definitely diminished. Dr. RJ has helped to encourage her to WANT TO BE the amazing, intelligent, beautiful young woman we know she is! Her future is shining BRIGHT!!!!

Dr.RJ is truly an amazing life coach. His program helped my daughter when she needed it most. After being affected by the covid 19 virus, she was really down and scattered. She was struggling to get caught up with all of her school work.

Dr.RJ’s video trainings gave her guidance and instructions. I saw how she became the controller of her own thoughts and emotions and, how she overcame the shyness and the lack of confidence she had. My daughter explained to me how Dr.RJ’s techniques help her get back on her feet, and with that being said, I am so happy that she’s talking with me and her dad very closely now. I am really grateful to Dr.RJ for this since our family was really messed up at that time. But now I am seeing how we are improving everyday.

Thank you so much again for making this change in my daughter’s personality.

Enrolling my son in Dr.RJ’s Teenage life coaching program is the best decision I have made. I saw how my son changed his attitudes since day one when he participated in Dr.RJ’s zoom sessions. I can not think of anyone else who could have helped us grow our relationship as mother and son better. Because we used to have some battles from time to time since he was not listening to even my tiny requests to be clean and tidy. It was really frustrating to handle the situations as a divorced mother.

Thanks to Dr.RJ’s program now we are much better, my son has built up his own confidence, and he is more open about his thoughts with me. Also, the program has helped me understand what my son thinks about me as well, which has helped with my overall communication.

Thank you so much again for making this world a better place for parents and their children.