7 Phrases Every Teenager Needs to Hear

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Every parent has concerns that their child may not be motivated to do their best and reach their full potential.

All parents want their children to succeed and working on the parent-child relationship is the best way to ensure children develop well-adjusted adults both emotionally and mentally.

How you communicate plays a huge role, so here are seven phrases your teenage children should regularly hear.

1. “I am Here for You”

Growing children are looking for more independence and the freedom to make their own choices. Parents can often feel that their children are growing more distant and want less to do with them.

Give your teenagers the space to make as many of their own decisions as possible.

It may not seem like it, but even the most rebellious children appreciate your counsel and guidance, but they will never tell you that.

Of course, you need to let them deal with the fallout of their decisions while letting them know that you will always be there for them to lend support.

2.  “Will You Forgive Me”

When tensions are high and arguments get heated, asking your child for forgiveness for things said but not meant can start the healing process.

3.  “I Love You”

Children require stability and knowing that your love is unconditional. Some parents might feel a little awkward expressing their love to children, especially when they are nearing adulthood. However, your feelings mustn’t be implied, and the best way to get comfortable expressing your them is to do it regularly.

4.  “Give it A Go”

When children are hesitant to take on a challenge that will teach them valuable skills, get behind them with vocal encouragement. Your role as a parent is not to shelter your kids from difficult tasks. It’s to show them that adult life is full of challenges and the only way to overcome them is to face them head-on. The more practice they get now, the better their futures will be.

5.  “I Believe in You”

Children and teenagers are often full of self-doubt and worry about what people will think if they fail. For a lot of kids, this is excuse enough not to try in the first place. Parents should let their children know they are their staunchest supports, so repeatedly tell them you believe in them and that the most important thing is to try.

6.  “I Would Like to Know More About How You Did That?”

There will come the point when your children will understand something better than you, whether it’s social media, computers, art, mathematics, or playing a musical instrument.

Pretending you will always know more than your child and cutting them off, casting judgment, or making assumptions will eventually force them to stop communicating.

If you notice your children developing skills in an area in which you are unfamiliar, then take an interest and ask them more about it.

7. “I am Proud of You”

Children need to hear that you are proud of them regularly, and not just when they do something memorable or gain recognition for an achievement.

There’s a big difference between being proud of your children when they do something special and being proud of them for the people they are becoming.

Positive behaviors like generosity, kindness, and courage should be recognized at every opportunity with an “I’m proud of you” because they are also achievements of a very special kind.

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