Resources for Parents

Dr. RJ is committed to providing parents with an array of resources designed to support their teenagers’ success. These resources include expert-led workshops on communication and emotional intelligence, exclusive content on adolescent mental health and academic achievement, and blogs packed with practical tips for navigating the challenges of parenting teens. By equipping parents with these tools, Dr. RJ aims to foster a supportive community that enhances the developmental journey of teens, helping them to thrive both personally and academically.

  1. Listen to Dr. RJ’s Free Podcast specifically designed for parents.
  2. Parenting Teens Facebook Group (Over 18,000 members)
  3. Teen Coaching Blog
  4. “Parenting Happy Teens: It’s An Inside Job” (Dr. RJ’s book on Amazon)
  5. F.E.W. (Focus. Energize. Win) Dr. RJ’s live events for teen transformation.
  6. Dr. RJ’s Private Group for Parents Join the waitlist.
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